Poly Caddis

While the mayflies are hatching well, now in this warm weather, the caddises are not being left behind. One of the adult caddis patterns that I use is the Poly Caddis. It’s easy to tie, rides well in the surface film, and has the glint of reality in the winging material. It can be readily dressed in any needed size. Like the mayfly dun and spinner patterns, I tie this one with a bend  hook, which keeps the wing more flat along the top of the hook and snuggles the thorax right into the surface. It lands wing up every time.

Bend the front 1/4 to 1/3 of the shank upward. Dub on the thorax, tie in a hackle, wind it X style, and clip it off the top of the fly.

Comb a strand of poly yarn to separate and straighten the fibers and tie it in just ahead of the hackle. Clip to length. Clip the butt end of the wing to form a short head. Place a nice-sized drop of thin, flexible head cement on the thread of the head, the base of the wing and the clipped butt end of the wing. Cut the hackle off the bottom of the fly.


  1. David says:

    Looks good but I’d cut the wing tip the other way to make it look like the caddis wing profile, sloping down