Fall Salmon 2011 Day 3

Day three started with rain—off and on from midnight to about 6 am. It was strictly incidental and without any accumulation. As a consequence the river stayed low and clear. The early part of the day was cold but without too much wind. The wind picked up about noontime and by 4 pm was blowing rather briskly (20 to 30 mph). Heavy, low clouds prevailed all day. Casting never became a problem, however. Yesterday’s cohos were closed mouth today, but the kings cooperated (as best as kings usually cooperate). I managed 2 nice kings and one small female coho by lunchtime. After lunch, I moved to a different section of the river and found a nice pod of big kings doing their thing on this cold October day.  I had to creep up on hands and knees and fish from a kneeling position, but it was well worth the effort. They were all of good size, with the final fish of the day measuring 40 inches tail to nose (25 lbs+). The last four fish took an all black collared leech, moving nicely to grab the fly. A couple more were lost in the battle. Tomorrow is supposed to be a repeat of today, weather-wise. Fish-wise? Only the morrow will tell.

A nice king from early in the day that took a salmon colored Down and Dirty Leech.A big hen taken in late afternoon on a size 2, all black collared leech.

A big female that took the all black, size 2 Collared leech late in the day.

The final brute of the fay--all 40 inches of him. He thrashed and jumped mightly, a great fight.


  1. G.B. So glad to hear of your successes at ‘da ribber’. Wanted you to know that you guys are in my prayers, and so are the river and all finny inhabitants. The “rumors” of me not getting over there are mis-guided at best. As I told Johnny B., I have had a few days over there that many “trouters” only dream about, though I am far from one of the best at it. The fishing is simply that good sometimes. I would find it exceedingly difficult to throw away some of the truly great fishing opportunities in this region as long as I remain healthy overall. Though I must concentrate on my job as long as I have the work (last year was not exactly stellar), I hope to at least greet whatever might be in there just before the barge ice hits, at a minimum. Anyway, great to see your updates. Catch ’em all, if you can. I’d be pleased as punch to pick up any that are left later. Praise the Lord, and pass the streamer box!! Dale T.

  2. taylor says:

    did you seriously keep those fish? if you did wow…

  3. Gary Borger says:

    Somewhere, somehow did I give the impression that I kept them? Sorry if I did. We release everything, alive and kicking (swimming).