Day One the Int. Fly Tying Symposium

Today was day one at the International fly Tying Symposium in Somerset, NJ. The crowd was very good and there was much going on all day long. I gave a casting class this morning, a Power Point presentation on The Angler as Predator at noon, and then a casting demonstration. All were well attended. Then I sat and tied flies for a hour before the show ended at 5 pm. There were plenty of vendor offering a wide range of tying materials and fly fishing gear.

I borrowed a Hardy Zenith fly rod for my casting demo and was quite impressed with it. It easily did everything I asked of it from Bow and Arrow casts, to long line shots out of the other end of the casting pond, to curve casts and mends, to the “C” pickup and more. Thanks for the loan guys.

I also had a chance to visit with several friends, one of whom  was Ken Reinard, the Colonial Fisherman. Ken is always coming up with new ideas and information on angling in colonial times. Today, he had a great 21 foot rod that he built and uses for angling with his flies dressed to match those of the 1700s and early 1800s. If you get to the show, stop and say “Hi” to him.

Ken Reinard, the Colonial Angler.

There was a good crowd at the show all day.

Casting devils practicing the pantomime back cast.

More casting devils. Notice all the great smiles as they learn to cast.

It was a big crowd of casting devils today and they participated in good fun. Nice work y’all.