Denver Fly Fishing Show 2013 Day 2I

Day two started with a fly fishing class. Ten students that all did very well. They even posed for an American Gothic fly fisher’s portrait. Needless to say we had a great time. The rest of the day whizzed by. A stint at the author’s booth followed by a talk on Nymphing and then a casting demo to round out the day.

I had a chance to chat withe Dave Scadden an check out his stand up Paddle board for the fly fisher. Very intriguing. So many anglers want them that Dave is considering opening a separate facility just to make them. Those that have used them rave about the, Looks like another fun way to enjoy our matchless sport.


American Gothic Fly Fishers at their first annual convention.


Dave Scadden (the man in black) explaining his great boats the stand up paddle board to interested anglers.


The new standup paddle board. A great new way to go.