Denver Fly Fishing Show 2013, Day 3

The Show started early with a Bible Study that I offered at 7:45 am. There were 15-20 people that managed to get up early and join me, and we had a great time. Then Fly Casting Class from 8:30 to 11, the Author’s Booth at 11, Reading Waters presentation at 1:30, and a Casting Demo at 3:15. People stayed after the casting demo for over a half hour to talk and review material that I demo-ed.

The day was so busy that I didn’t get chance to take any appropriate photos. That’s the way it is, some days.

My next Show is at Marlborough, MA the weekend of January 18-20. If you int the area, come out and say “Hi,” and enjoy the show.


The crowd at the casting demo on day one of the show was enthusiastic, but no more so that those attending on day 3.