The Fly Fishing Show Marlborough MA Day 2

Day two opened with a bang as the crowd surged into the hall. By the time my first presentation arrived–11:15–the crowd was at the “roar” level. It was a casting demo, and I teased the crowd about becoming “casting devils,”and told them I wanted to take photos for the blog. Lots of laughing later, I had two great photos of the densely populated crowd with their casting arms raised and their fingesr pointing up like little devil horns. They were very attentive, and asked question for nearly a half hour after the demo.

After a quick lunch of a banana, a snack bar, and peach Snapple, it was time for a PowerPoint presentation on “Nymphing.” The crowd was densely packed and sat through all the jokes and stories that followed. Again a fun time was had by all while learning that the primary use of the shot is not to sink the fly but to anchor the fly against line drag, and that the primary use of the indicator is not to detect the strike but to gauge the speed of the fly (the indicator needs to be going about half the speed of the foam on top if the fly really is in the slower bottom currents).

Book signing time at the Author’s Booth came next, followed by a fly tying Demo. Because I was last on the docket for the day, and the crowd was more than willing, I ran on about Unique hackling Tips and Techniques” for nearly 1 1/2 hours.

The Show runs through tomorrow. The weather looks to be great, and certainly the Show is great and running full speed ahead. Come out and say “Hi.”


Today’s crowd was just hat a crowd. Lots of people and lots of fun things going on.


The fly tyer isle were filled with people watching and asking many questions.


Author and tier Rich Murphy spent hour after hour explaining the nuances of striper fishing.


Rich’s new book on striper fishing the most complete text out there on fly fishing for this species; it includes good information on the use of two hand rods in the surf.


The Bear’s Den occupied on end of the show and was constantly busy with customers buying every sort of material available.


Help, I’m trapped by casting devils on the right…


And another big group of casting devils on the left!


In a room with 300 chairs a nearly sold out crowd getting ready for the “Nymphing” presentation..


The Author’s Booth is right across from the Angler’s Book Store, which did a brisk business all day long.



  1. joe says:

    Enjoyed the casting presentation and nymphing seminar. Learned a great deal from both and will be using what was learned soon. Thanks for the great presentations.