Crystal UV Coat

In a couple of posts back I mentioned Crystal UV Coat head cement that my friend Henry sells. I love this stuff, especially when I need a lacquered head on a bucktail, streamer, or other long fly. It sets in a few seconds under UV light and gives a hard finish. Before UV coat, I’d have to apply a half dozen coats of Sally Hansen nail polish or use epoxy to get the highly finished head of the classic bucktail or streamer. Now, one coat of thick, Crystal UV and hit it with UV light and the head is done. Henry sells a high power UV flashlight that sets the cement in a few seconds.

It’s great for many other applications, too. I use it to attach doll eyes to my flies, to cement feather together before applying them to a fly, to toughen the base of the wing on my Yarn Wing Dun, etc. The future of head cement is here now.

You can read about this great cement and the UV flashlight at

If you wish to get into the UV head cement world, contact Henry at


Crystal UV Coat is a great product, fast and easy to use, with wonderful results.

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