The Fly Fishing Show—Marlboro, 2017

This year’s show was a real delight: no snow, no rain, pleasant weather and lots of fun-loving, excited people. Since it is a “show,” there’s always a chance to provide not only useful information but do so in a way that everyone has fun and can laugh with you.

Of course one of the demonstrations where we can all laugh and learn is the casting demonstration. I especially like to have the audience point at me to make the point that we don’t point with our thumb, we point with or index finger. This leads into the three point grip, which help everyone with to stop the rod at precisely the right spot on the backcast. I promised the crowd that I would not call them the “Pointer Sisters,” nor the “English Pointers,” but rather the “Marlboro Pointers.”

So have a look below at the cooperative crowd that learned some new ideas about fly casting, and had great fun doing so.

Marlboro pointers in full display.


Point you pointer, point.

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