The Fly Fishing Show—Somerset, 2017

Like last week’s show in Marlboro, this year’s show was a real delight: no snow, no rain, pleasant weather and a massive crowd of enthusiastic fly fishers.

And like Marlboro, the casting pond was lined four to six deep with men, women, and children eager to watch and learn. And again, they all graciously agreed to point. I’m beginning to think that the crowds like the idea of pointing at me. Anyway, as in all the other shows, when I note that even little babies, without any training or coaching from their parents, point with their index fingers, they begin to see one of the advantages of the Three Point Grip.

The Thumb on Top Grip was developed for Wrist Casting, but as fly fishers evolved from Wrist Casting to Forearm Casting to Whole Arm Casting, the Grip did not evolve—it remained the same, and people were simply told not to bend the wrist or bend it only very little. The Three Point Grip takes advantage of our anatomy to reposition the fly rod relative to the bones of the forearm. With the Thumb on Top Grip, the rod is oriented at right angles to the forearm when the wrist is bent full back. With the Three Point Grip, the rod only makes a 30 angle to the forearm, allowing the rod to stop at precisely the correct position (30 degrees behind the vertical) when the forearm is vertical.  It is the evolved grip that maximizes the efficiency of all casting methods. It is clearly discussed and shown in my DVD, “The Perfect Cast I.”

So have a look below at the cooperative crowd that learned some new ideas about fly casting, and had great fun doing so.

Somerset Pointers, group 1


Somerset Pointers, group 2


Look at ’em point!


Sunday morning’s casting class–they even learned the Double Haul pantomime!


The rod handle is angled across the palm from the heel of the hand to the end of the index finger.


Little, ring, and middle fingers curl around the bottom, heel of hand, thunk, and index finger on top.


There point grip from above.

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