Atlanta Fly Fishing Show, 2017

This was the first year for the Atlanta Fly Fishing show, and it looked and felt very good. This year’s show was two days, Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s crowd was healthy for the first day of a totally new show, but Saturday’s crowd was robust to say the least. Both days, the crowd for my casting demonstration was heavy. And, as always, they were very cooperative, laughing, and pointing, and running through pantomime casting with zeal.

Fly tying was a delightful time, as were the power point programs and the casting class. And Da e Blackburn and crew played bluegrass (some of my favorite songs, too) over the lunch hour each day and before the Film Festival on Friday Night. I’m looking forward to next year.

My friend Dave Blackburn on banjo pickin’ a bluegrass tune.


Friday’s crowd at the casting pond. We all decided that Atlanta needs a new team, “The Atlanta Pointers.”


The other side of Friday’s casting pond Not a single one pointed with their thumb. Great job, y’all.


Saturday’s happy crew on the right side and behind my position. They love the pointing exercise.


The rest of the crowd on the right side of the casting pond on Saturday–I was careful with my backcast.


The happy crew on the left side, pointing with vigor.


Mac Brown’s boy were very cooperative with the pointing.

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