The Single Best Book on Fly Casting Ever Written

Sooner or later, someone had to do it, and Jason has done it. Fly Casting is the core element of fly fishing, and the more one understands about the nuances of this skill, the better. But Jason has taken a new twist—the modular approach. It shows one how to build skill upon skill allowing anyone to achieve, what many believe to be, fly casting levels available only to the most athletically gifted among us.

He demonstrated this when he devised the “Shadow Cast” for the movie, A River Runs Though It, directed by Academy-award-winning director, Robert Redford. The Shadow Cast was a linked set of individual skills (modules) that included an Upward Hook, a Positive Hook Curve, the Galway Cast, and a hidden Double Haul.

The overall idea is quite simple. Learn a skill, link it to another skill, or more than one skill—each a “module” in the overall end result. It’s a fabulous way to learn to cast without mind-numbingly complex explanations, and the prospect of thousands of hours of practice out in the back yard. Pieces of casting simple click together like Legos, yielding a host of possibilities that are readily executed.

Then add in over 400 highly explanatory line drawings, and you have a book that far exceeds anything anyone has ever done in the teaching fly casting. Wow, Jas, it’s extraordinary.

To order your signed, numbered copy, go to Jason’s site, here.

This is the way it all fits together. The Tuck/Pile cast is just a vertical, overpowered curve followed immediately by a lift of the rod so the curve has a chance to form. Look at the great artwork and read the great explanation. Note the modules.


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