Denver Fly Fishing Show 2018

The Denver Show is the second largest of the Fly Fishing Shows, and this year it grew yet again. Friday saw the crowd wall-to wall, as did Saturday and Sunday. The seminars were all well attended as were the casting demonstrations and the fly tying seminars. The number of show booths was expanded, and there were rods, waders, vests, hats, flies, lines, all sorts of gear. The fly tying cadre demonstrated their skill every day of the show. There was much to learn and many to learn from. 2019 Promises to be even better. Plan on it.

The show opened with bang–a really long line.


The daily crowd was truly a thick one.


Walking through the aisles could be a bit difficult at times.


Booths were filled with interested show attendees


Dave Blackburn (far right) operates Kootenai Angler in Montana and also plays a very fine banjo. He and friends gave a great performance on Friday, and Dave soloed both Saturday and Sunday.

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