Marlboro Fly Fishing Show 2018

Marlboro is a delightful show that always has enthusiastic attendees. This year’s crowd was no different. The seminars were well attended and the casting demos were packed. It’s always a joy to speak to a crowd that is not only enthusiastic, but willing to go along with all the arm movements and other antics that I egg them into doing. Not so they’ll look funny, but so that they truly will learn some new things about fly casting, and so, become more skilled in the pursuit of this matchless sport. One of the things that I ask them to do is to point at me—which they do almost too eagerly. It’s the way I use to introduce them to the benefits of the Three Point Grip—and in the subsequent description, they readily understand its very obvious benefits.

Next weekend, it’s off to the Show in Edison—a new location for this year—only a few miles away from the Somerset venue. Edison has more space for venders, casting, classes, and seminars. If you’re out and about, drop by and say “Hi.”

The MA Pointers, getting ready to learn about the 3-point Grip.


More of the MA Pointers working on the intro to the 3-Point Grip.


More MA Pointers proving that the index finger is the pointer finger. The  thumb is not.


The 6-pointer hand shape from which we build the 3 Point grip.


The rod extends across the palm from the base of the heel of the hand to the tip of the index finger.


The 3 Point Grip has the tip of the index finger and the tip of the thumb on the top of the rod handle.

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