Atlanta Fly Fishing Show 2018

This, the second annual Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta, was a great time. It was not just southern hospitality that kept the crowds coming in all day, and flocking to the talks and demonstrations. Everyone was enthusiastic about what they saw at the show—both in the vendor booths, and in the talks and demonstrations. The crowds at my casting demonstrations were most cooperative in participating in all the pointing, and other pantomime movements that I asked them to do, delighting in not only what they were learning, but in the fun we all had building casting, mending, and line handling skills. Those in the power point presentations stayed the course even when I extended the talks an extra 10 minutes, and when the computer crashed. Book and DVD signing went on at all times, not just at my appointed Author’s Booth time, and my tying demonstrations on Down and Dirt Flies and Unusual Dry Fly Tactics both had large and enthusiastic audiences.

The next Fly Fishing Show will be in two weeks at Lynwood, Washington (on the north edge of Seattle)– See you there!


The “Atlanta Pointers” performed with great enthusiasm each day.


Pointing is a function off the index finger, not the thumb.


Notice the “6-shooter” pointers in  old west style


Look at all those smiles. Fun was had by all.


I know mommy said not to point, but these casters have just learned the secret and necessity of pointing.


With the three point grip, where the index finger points, the rod points, great for learning pantomime casting.


With the three point grip, pointing becomes an integral part of casting.


Using the index finger to correctly orient the fly rod in the hand allows the caster to bend the wrist fully on the backstroke, and the rod stops automatically at 30 degrees behind the vertical–just where it should stop.


Watching the tying of down and dirty flies with enthusiasm.


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