Lynwood Pointers 2018

The Lynwood Show (Seattle) is a very personable show—everyone is excited to be there and truly enjoying everything that the show brings. And so, it is not at all uncommon for them to line the casting pond several deep during the casting demos. And they are eager to participate in the pantomime casting drills that I ask them to do. Pantomiming is truly the best way to learn new things in casting. And the first thing I have them do is point. It’s to demonstrate that the pointer finger is the index finger and not the thumb. So when I show them the Three Point Grip and the tremendous advantage it give the fly fisher, they are all more than willing to point and get their photos up on the blog.

And, of course, they love to come to the various Power Point presentations and tying demos, too. Vendors are constantly talking and showing products and a huge variety of angling venues. It’s just a great and fun show, all around.

Ya gotta love these pointers. They were very cooperative and learned a great deal about the ease of casting.


An excited crown having a great time learning to pantomime the casting stroke.

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