Pleasanton Pointers 2018

Just to prove that those in Seattle aren’t the only ones that can point with their index fingers, the people at the Pleasanton Show got out their “six shooters” and pointed—even though mommy told them not to point. Pointing is great, especially when it comes to the gripping the rod. From there they learned to raise the rod up as high as the side of the face, but “outside” the shoulder (a right hand caster brings the rod up to the right of the shoulder). The anatomy of the shoulder joint and elbow joint conspire to stop the rearward movement of the arm and hand very abruptly such that the rod point exactly 30 degrees behind the vertical—right where it’s supposed to stop—when one is using the Three Point Grip. What a revelation, and what a great way to make a perfect backcast without even having to think.

The crowd was heavy every day, and the roar of it made hearing hard, even when standing close. It was obvious that enthusiasm was afoot, and everyone was having a great time. Vendors went home hoarse from all the talking, but with smiles on their faces from all the attention they received from the heavy crowd. See y’all next year.

And they all pointed with their index fingers. Not single thumb pointer in the crowd.


Always laughing and so willingly cooperating, the crowds at Pleasanton enjoyed pointing and all the other pantomime moves we made as we jointly explored the ease of fly casting.


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