Lancaster Fly Fishing Show 2018

Everywhere I go they point; Lancaster is no different. They are such good audiences, and we have great fun learning to cast, mend, and handle the line. It’s truly amazing how much one can learn, and how quickly, when using the pantomime method. The problem with learning to cast is that the rod must be moved rather swiftly in order to cast the line, and until the correct arm and hand movements are developed, moving it quickly in the right pathway is virtually impossible. So, learning in steps via the pantomime method is a really effective way to develop the right motor pathways. Working on developing the correct movement without the rod allows one to go slowly at first and gradually build to the needed speed without confusion. And understanding casting from its basic intent—vectoring energy along a straight line to create the necessary momentum to shoot extra line—also helps the caster to understand why precise and accurate arm and hand movements are necessary. Those in Lancaster jumped right in and started the learning curve at the right end. Good work, y’all.


With the Three Point Grip, the index finger, and not the thumb, points the rod.


The Three Point Grip uses the natural configuration of the hand to align the rod at the proper angle to the bones of the forearm, making casting much easier.


Using the Three Point Grip to demonstrate sidearm casting and the Elliptical Stroke.



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