“Fly Fishing” Book Series Reviews

This is selection of reviews/comments on the “Fly Fishing” book series, both magazine-based and from individuals. Each review or comment is preceded by the book name (in brackets) being discussed, for example [Fishing the Film].


[Fishing the Film“What we are buying here…is Gary Borger’s 50 years of experience…Few people today are more widely fished and more experienced…”

“The extensive instruction on the history and lore of “live dry” presentations is worth Borger’s admission price…all great instruction that illustrates the differences between casting and presentation.”

“There is more, a lot more, in this first book…We should look forward to their forthcoming books.”

– John Randolph, “Fly Fisherman” magazine

[Reading Waters] “I’ve been reading Borger’s work for 20-odd years, and I haven’t read anything of his that is as packed with useful information as Reading Waters. This is the second volume of a planned 20-part series called Fly Fishing. If you fish rivers for trout you will learn a great deal from Reading Waters, no matter your level of experience, with one caveat: you have to read it consciously and actively.”

“There are not many books like this one, because not many angling writers have Borger’s broad and deep expertise, his lifetime on the water, and his seemingly insatiable curiosity. If you take the time to read this book and apply its lessons, you will reap the benefits of Borger’s expertise.”

 – John Melfi, Midcurrent.com

[Reading Waters] “If you’re looking for a good read this winter or just want to upskill in general then Gary Borgers latest in the ‘Fly Fishing book series’, Reading Waters is a winner. Full of experienced antedoctes and packed with the good oil, Reading Waters will have you approaching your favourite waters with confidence. Included are tips on understanding a variety of waters including rivers, creeks, ocean flats and lakes, advice on where to find your fish and how to aproach and fish specific lies. Written in Gary Borger’s easy to absorb, informative style and with additional input and illustrations from Jason, this is a great follow on from the first book in the series, Fishing the Film. Like its predecessor, Reading Waters is very applicible to any New Zealand trout stream, unlike many other overseas publications. Highly recommended.”

– Chris Dore,  NZPFGA Guide (chrisdore.com)

[Reading Waters] “As you learn valuable lessons in this book – perhaps more that you would expect – you may also allow your self to contemplate a deeper look into your own fly fishing past – present – and future.  You may find a new level of meaning, or at the least  a renewed sense of meaning – for reading the waters you love, and the words in that “reading” run much deeper than you may imagine. ”  This book does, in my opinion, what I like to think every great book does – educates, entertains, inspires and allows me to learn –  from someone who really knows how teach.”

– John Beth, outdoor writer

[Fishing the Film] “I have been fishing for several years and have always been disappointed by the varied use of the words emerger and cripple. Often used interchangeably, often misused, often not understood (like when I try to explain a nymph fished in the film is an emerger). Your stages of emergence, while not recognized as biological stages, are HUGE to the fly fisherman. Thanks for organizing my thoughts better than I could! The nymph bobbing in the surface tension resistance and then trying again and again was a beautiful image.

Pages 35 through 38 should be required reading for any hopeful angler….of course so should the rest of the book.”

– Philip Jiricko, via email

[Fishing the Film and Reading Waters] “I have the first two books in the fly fishing series —Fishing the Film, and Reading Waters. They are great…Thanks for writing these wonderful books —the knowledge is priceless!!”

– Bob Hammond, via email

[Fishing the Film] “I just finished reading your book. Thanks so much, again, for sending it! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and learned a good deal as well. It will now find a place in the library at the cabin along side many other great fly fishing tomes!”

– Mike Smith, via email

[Long Flies] “I just yesterday found my copy of the new book in the mail and was excited as I unpacked it. I was pleasantly surprised at the nicely done ‘perfect’ binding. I’ve begun reading it this morning and can see that I am going to enjoy it very much and intend to own the others. In fact, when I have a little extra cash, I’ll get caught up on the first two in the series.”

– John McGranaghan, via email

[Long Flies]  “I might remind the fly fishing readers everywhere—that these are the first books ever (I feel…) that cover specific aspects of our sport with such depth, perspective and wide ranges of experiences that you draw from your own life and so many others.. They weave such great information and “stories” together that if people aren’t reading them —they are missing something important —on several levels !”

– John Beth, outdoor writer