“Fly Fishing, the Book Series” Series Pass

Book #1: Fishing the Film. 192 pages; 7X10 inches; color cover with black text

20 Books. 1 million words. All fly fishing!

Fly Fishing, the Book Series “Series Pass” gets you every book in the planned 20-book, Fly Fishing series. The books are expected to be published from late 2010 through 2016 or so. The Series Pass costs less than buying the books individually, and includes all shipping and handling. All Series Pass books are signed.

*Planned finish date for the series is open-ended. Delays may arise due to a variety of factors.

IMPORTANT: The Series Pass is not a “subscription” that you can turn off, and it is not a la carte. It is for purchasing the entire series of 20 books, as they come, with no returns (unless a book arrives damaged, of course, then an exchange is in order). So, to be clear, the Series Pass gets you all 20 books as they are published. Books cannot be returned for a partial refund of the Pass, etc. This is a one-time payment, and it covers all titles, all shipping and all handling. The Series Pass can be ordered at any time, but it is for all 20 books, so if you have already purchased a title(s) separately, you will be receiving a duplicate book(s).

Here are the planned 20 books (we’re currently working on a more significant description of each title):

Fishing the Film
Reading Waters
Long Flies
The Predatory Angler

Fly Gear
The Perfect Cast I
The Perfect Cast II
The Perfect Cast III

Nymphs & Wets
Stillwater Tactics
Spring Creek Particulars

Feathers, Fur & Steel
Fly Designing
Really Matching the Hatch (volume 1
Really Matching the Hatch (volume 2)

Favorite Flies & How We’ve Fished Them
Stream Strategies
The Compleat Fly Fisher
River of a Thousand Tongues

Fly Fishing, the Book Series “Series Pass” pricing: U.S. Series Pass is $479. Canadian Series Pass is $559US. International Series Pass is $719US. Prices are all-inclusive.

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While we presently intend to publish the books shown, the publisher reserves the right to change book titles and content without prior notice. Thus, it is possible that Series Pass purchasers may get one or more alternate titles not shown in this list.