Bobbins-The Ekich Ultimate

I sat down for breakfast on the first day of Chuck Furimsky’s  International Fly Tying Expo last fall with Faruk Ekich, whom I had just met on the elevator. As we talked, I learned that Faruk was not just a fly tyer, but a creative bobbin designer as well. I spent a while with Faruk later in the show so I could get a demo of the bobbin from the man himself. It was obvious that he is passionate about tying and about the great bobbin design that he manufactures.

First and foremost, know that Faruk really understands, in depth, the need for a very precise and constant tension on the tying thread, especially when tying very tiny stuff. He did not design his bobbin just for the minutiae of the tyer’s world, but let me tell you, that’s where I really enjoy it. It provides a constant 33 grams of pressure on the thread, allowing me to dress size 28s without worrying about breaking my 17/0 Trico Uni-thread. And boy does that make me happy. Of course one can use the bobbin with all thread sizes, but being able to lay down wrap after wrap of 17/0 with no fear of breakage makes the bobbin worth every penny of its cost. If you tie small stuff, look into this bobbin.

The bobbin takes all plastic thread spools that have slotted ends (solid wooden spools are not usable). There is a retraction spring that allows the thread to be rewound automatically, which makes it ideal for rotary tying, too. One can draw out 24 inches of thread before the tensioning spring has to be reset. Resetting is easy and possible with one hand. In addition, Faruk has made threading the bobbin so very easy. The tube is set so that one can lay a threader against the leg and the tip glides smoothly into the bottom end of the tube. Fast, simple—my kind of stuff!

And then there’s the precision work and overall, almost excessive attention to quality. For fly tyers like me, who love really well made tools, this bobbin is not only highly functional, but a thing of beauty as well. It’s really a fine piece of fly tying machinery. You can see it at Be sure to check out all the various aspects of the bobbin, including the video guides and written info. You will be impressed. I am.


Faruk and I discussing his Ultimate Bobbin last November at the International Fly Tying Symposium.

Faruk's Ultimate Bobbin loaded with 17/0 Trico Uni-Thread ready to tie size 28 midges.

In the hand, the bobbin is easy to control and dispenses thread at a uniform 33 grams pressure. To add more tension one only need press a finger against the spool.