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SpeyGhillie App

I had a note from Malcolm McLeman about a new app that he has developed for the salmon fisher. It’s called SpeyGhillie, and it looks like a great way for the salmon angler to keep ready and thorough notes on fishing, flies, and general info, even while fishing. Here are the notes from the iTunes […]

Rod Rollup

While at the Western Fly Fishing Expo in Calgary, Alberta, this past weekend, I discovered a new product that is just making its way onto the market, and which I think is a real winner. It’s a rod rollup. Developed by Ken Whellem of Springbrook Fly Fishing,, it will be marketed in the US […]

Abel Nippers

Here’s one fine pair of nippers! These are not your momma’s nippers, and they’re not your daddy’s nippers. These are decidedly the Humvee of the nipper world. Abel has always built superb products and these beasts are no exception. There’s heft, there’s superior nipping power, there great looks, there a needle to clean the hook […]