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Perfection Loop

I use this knot when I need one in which the mono comes straight out of the knot. It’s the knot used on the butt end of the leader when making a loop to loop connection. It is one complicated looking knot, but in reality, it is very fast and simple to tie if one […]

Perfection Loop

         I’ve had a number of inquires over the last year about the Perfection Loop. First, it’s used to tie a loop in the butt end of the leader so that leaders can be rapidly changed by looping on and off while fishing. The Perfection Loop is preferred in this situation because […]

Casamar Clincher

Book number four in the Fly Fishing Series, The Angler as Predator is out! I will be shipping books later this week. Book number five entitled Fly Gear, is written and is being edited.  I am shooting photos of knots and doing other such tasks for final book assembly. One of the knots that is […]

Knot Knots

I had a comment/question asking about clarification and differentiation for the Belize Knot, Kime’s Clincher (Clifford’s Knot), and Lefty’s No-slip. 1. All of them are non-slip loop knots. 2. All of them start with an overhand knot  in the end of the tippet. 3. I particularly like the Belize Knot for finer tippets where a […]

Lefty’s No-Slip Loop Knot

In the last post I described the non-slip knot that my old friend Harry Kime showed me many years ago. He called it the Casa Mar knot, but I changed the name to honor this pioneer of salt water fishing. I had a note from a reader that the knot is also called Clifford’s Knot, […]

Kime’s Clincher

I had some comments about the Belize Knot that Jeff Parker showed me, and so I thought I’d go back and work through some similar knots that have been developed over the years. Harry Kime was one of the originals. Salt water flowed in his veins, and he never missed a chance to take is […]

Belize Knot

Nancy and I spent a four day weekend on the shores of lake Michigan, and it got me to thinking of an upcoming trip to Ontario to fish for Lake Trout and, of course, the fall salmon and brown season. In turn that got me to thinking about fishing the flies on a loop knot. […]

Turle Knot

Trajan Weaver send me an email and noted, There is a scene (the final shot of an older man fishing, tying a fly on the end of his line) in “A River Runs Through It.” Would you show me, step by step, how he was tying on the fly? I would much appreciate it. The […]

5/7 Blood Knot

I think the Blood Knot was so named because most people sweat blood when trying to tie it. Actually this knot isn’t hard to learn, and it’s a great connection between pieces of mono. The Blood Knot is thinner in diameter than a Surgeon’s Knot and hangs up less in weeds. But if there’s more […]

Improved Clinch Knot

OK, so you really don’t like the regular Clinch and need to tie the Improved Clinch. But before you do, the question is why does there need to be an Improved Clinch? Well (1) for those that insist on pulling the short end of the tippet, the improved Clinch will work. (2) When the wire […]