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Theo’s Tenkara Prize

Just prior to the International Fly Tying Symposium last November (23-24, 2013), Theo Bakelaar had an opportunity to fish with his Tenkara equipment on a private stream in Pennsylvania. The water holds some exceptional fish, and Theo was able to connect with a very fat, 9-pound rainbow, using a beetle imitation fished on his 4-meter […]

Tenkara Talk

Tenkara fishing is finding a good following among U.S. anglers. Certainly it is fun and different. More important, it teaches one some very needed skills about using the rod in fighting and landing fish. Tenkara has a good presence at the Fly Fishing Show. A Tenkara group was not only present in Denver, but they […]

Tenkara Fishing

My apologies to those of you who view this blog on a regular basis. We lost our internet connection about a week ago and our service provider danced around the problem trying a variety of fixes that didn’t work. Then came the holiday, and they were closed. Finally they came out yesterday and replaced our […]