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Fishing the ‘Horn 9/16/13

After our time at Clydehurst, Marc Williams and I fished the Bighorn for a day with Brian Carpenter and Derek Newbern. Brian acted as our guide; we used his drift boat, and he was kind enough to row for us. Brian is the founder of Refuge Foundation. Its purpose is to give pastors a week’s […]

Clydehurst Christian Ranch

This weekend (Sept. 13-15) I am at the Clydehurst Christian Ranch on the Boulder River in Montana teaching fly fishing with my friend Marc Williamson. Today was a fishing day for us. In addition to the fact that it was fun, it was also a necessity because we want to be able to advise those […]

The Fabulous Bighorn

To borrow a title from the video of the same name that Jason and I produced in 1986, this year it really is “The Fabulous Bighorn.” From an earlier report that I had from Chuck Furimsky, I knew it was going to be a great year on the ‘Horn, but it turned out to be […]

Marker Fly

The Madison River often gives up its fish with some reluctance, like a small child not wanting to share candies but being encouraged to do so by a watchful parent. At least that’s the idea that one often gets when fishing under a bright sun—as is often the case in Montana’s summer. But nightfall brings […]

Runaway Trout

In its course from Earthquake Lake to Raynolds Pass Bridge, the Madison is a mercurial, ever changing being. One year it is divided into a series of polite, quick little waters that encourage the wading angler on every cast. Another year it is a solitary channel of pure, raw power. There is no room for […]

Wind Along the Madison

I realize my posts have been mighty thin these past few weeks due to extensive travels, but I’m back and ready to roll. Watch for posts on the trip and plenty of new stuff on the books and other fishing information. Nancy and I arrived at the Madison River last week amid a horrific windstorm […]

Smith River Montana

For those who don’t know the Smith, it is central Montana river that has restricted (permit by drawing) floating access. It’s a great stream to fish because of its scenic canyon nature and its good populations of  browns, rainbows, and whitefish. They all seem eager to take a dry fly. Recently, our friends Gary and […]

Kootenai River with Banjo Dave

There is a chunk of Montana that most anglers don’t really think of when the envision going “West.” It’s the far northwest of Big Sky country–the land that lies to the Pacific side of Glacier National Park. This wild and rugged area holds a special river, the Kootenai. It is in this wonderfully remote and […]

Home Again

The trip is over, and we made it home between violent Mid-West storms. Wisconsin does get tornadoes, and we had three in our locale just before we arrived. The last part of the trip was a two-day fishing excursion on the Madison, probably my most favorite river in the US. When we visited in late […]