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Brooke’s First Fish

Granddaughter Brooke had her first fishing outing with Jason (dada) on Sunday (July 24, 2016). She used her Echo Gecko rod-7’9” for 4/5 line–to cast to and catch bluegills and bluegills and bluegills. She selected the flies to use-all dries-and cast two handed. The Echo is designed so that young kids can use it two […]


My friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland, sent these great photos of the process of smoking eels and fish. He uses fresh-water eel skin in many of his long fly imitations—and it makes an extremely tough and effective fly. Theo is waiting for these with a glass of beer in hand. My grandfather had a smokehouse […]

Healing Help Through Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is a fabulous way to tune into nature and to tune into one’s self. And so, it is no wonder that it is a wonderful tool whereby men can link to others with cancer and work through all the facets of the disease. My friends at the Rockwell Trout Club have looked arms and […]

Hardy Museum Tour

Hardy recently conducted a live, on-line museum tour that was very well received. It is now available on line: Have a look, you will enjoy it.

Infrequent Posts

I must apologize for the infrequent posts. Nancy and I are house hunting in the Vancouver WA area (right next to Portland, OR), and we spend a great deal of time driving around looking at potential places. I have not had much of a chance to do more than that and travel to shows and […]

Steelhead Are In-2016

My friend, and great blues guitarist, Keith Scott is also a more that dedicated fly fisher. He sent the photo below of a spring steelhead. The time is ripe, and when water conditions are right, this is what’s available.

Salmon Numbers Down Sharply

This year’s king salmon run in Wisconsin is what one might call pitiful, both in numbers and in size. And that marked decrease is seen right on through the cohos and browns and rainbows. It’s not due to any single factor, but a combination of super cold winters the last two years, poor spawn return, […]

Still Headin West

Last night we stayed in Ogden Utah, after a long drive from Laramie, WY.  As we climbed over the Continental Divide just west of Laramie we were treated with the sight of snow! The roads were clear and dry, but the snow was fresh–probably the day before. The hills to the west of Laramie were […]

Headed West

We are moving–somewhere west to be near Jason and Kelley and Brooke. They live in Vancouver, WA (just across the Columbia River from Portland OR), so we will be somewhere in that vicinity. We have not bought a home, so we will live in the motorhome until we find something. It will be a grand […]

Alaska or Bust

I’m headed to No-See-Um Lodge in Alaska with my friend, Dave Graebel, in pursuit of rainbows on the dry fly, king salmon in the King-A-Ma-Bobber, chums on magenta leeches, and sockeye on small bead head nymphs. The weather looks very Alaska-like; most days a chance of rain, with the occasional chance of sun (very occasional). […]