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South Africa Dreams

My friend, Tom Sutcliffe, sent the photos below from his waters in South Africa. I have fished some there with Tom and his friends that look identical to those in the photos. I have fond memories of stepping out of the stream to see leopard pug marks in the sand, to having been warned not […]

Trout in South Africa

My friend, Tom Sutcliffe, of South Africa wrote the other day to ask me to write a few paragraphs for his newsletter—which I am happy to do—go here to see his web site. He also included a few photos of trout fishing (its early fall there). I wanted to post these just to give everyone […]


The yellowfish is a cyprinid, a member of the minnow family (Cyprinidae). It’s feeding activities and selective nature, however, are very similar to trout. In addition it is a spooky fish that is a strong fighter when hooked. These habits make it an excellent fly rod species, and my friends in South Africa pursue it […]


Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, was in Africa recently, fishing for trout, when he encountered a very unusual and very fierce strain of browns. He was only able to land the smaller ones, and one look at them shows why. The  bigger of these Croc-A-Browns will take a full dress Gnu or Zebra imitation very strongly. […]

Trouting in South Africa

South Africa has a robust trout population. They were introduced into both lakes and streams near the end of the 1800s. Like trout everywhere, they can be highly selective one day and pigs at the trough the next. Gerrit Redpath send me a note on a recent trouting trip he made  with his family into […]

The Heart of Africa

I recently received a very kind  note from Tony Watson, who lives in Africa. In it he makes reference to fishing for tiger fish in the Okavango Delta, So I’ve included a couple of photos of fish from that area. He says, Dear Mr. Borger, Just a short note to say how much I enjoy […]

African Tiger via Jeff Currier

Holy Cow! Have a look at the size of this tiger that Jeff caught in Africa while filming with Confluence Films. He says: Our fishing and filming in Africa these past two weeks far surpassed our expectations!  Wait till you see this Confluence Film segment on the big screen! There are no words to describe it. Check out some […]


I’ve been away from the office this last week, sadly because of a funeral. But upon my return I noted an email from my friends Jeff Currier. In part he notes: I’m headed to Tanzania as the angler for the latest Confluence Films project. Confluence Films has produced two popular fly fishing movies, Drift and Rise. We are filming […]