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Chuck Furimsky Fly Tyer

The Fly Fishing Shows, held across the nation, are the result of a fly tyer’s love of sharing information about feathers, fur, and steel. Chuck Furimsky started the Shows in 1989. This year, the Shows offered events in Denver CO, Marlboro MA, Somerset NJ, Atlanta GA, Lynwood WA, Pleasanton CA, and Lancaster PA. The Somerset […]

Extra-Select Craft Fur

When I do tying demonstrations at the Fly Fishing Shows, I often use Extra-Select Craft Fur rather than natural furs. It’s easier to carry and comes in a host of colors not available in natural furs. Of course I get many question about the material, so here’s where you can get it–Feather Craft:

Theo’s New Tying Material

Our friend, Theo Bakelaar from Holland has started growing his nose hairs for fly tying material. They tend to be a little curly, but make very good, inexpensive flies, especially for pike–according to Theo.

Pulse Disk

While at the International Fly Tying Symposium, I had an opportunity to examine Jim Mattson’s new Pulse Disks for the fly fisher. These thin, plastic disks are place on the leader just ahead of the fly, and cause it to swim with a side to side motion that is truly astounding. There are seven sizes […]

Easy Extended Body

The EZ extended body is simple to make and highly effective. It is hollow and uses a silicon base, so it repels water and is air filled—a great combo for tying floating flies. Roger Duckworth has an easy to understand video on making the bodies. Check it out here.

J:son Sweden site in English

I had a nice note from Claes Johansson of the J:son Sweden company to let me know that they have their site up in English. It’s well worth a look. J:son in the company that produces the amazingly realistic winging materials and legging materials that Theo Bakelaar has been tying with (see past blog posts […]

Theo’s Gold Bead Stone

I’ve been traveling the last few weeks, and my good friend, Theo Bakelaar, has been feeding me information for my blog about tying and fishing. When this came, I got very excited. Talk about simple and fast to tie—and good looking! You be the judge. These legs and the winging material that Theo has been […]

Theo’s Dragon

Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland continues to experiment with foam bodies and the new winging material. Here’s a dragonfly. The winging material is exceptional, and will be brought into the US and available soon. Watch for it. When I get a hint that it’s available here, I will post the news immediately.