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Cohos and Chinese Food

My blues picking buddy, Keith Scott, is twanging up a storm in the Seattle area and taking every chance possible to sample both the Chinese food and the fishing. He’s found great examples of both. I love the chrome bright coho–it would make a really great salmon-over-alder-wood-fire dish. If he’s playing anywhere in your area, […]

Bluesman in the Pacific Northwest

Keith Scott, bluesman and then some, ( is touring the Pacific Northwest right now, playing his great music and fishing up a storm. He got into chum salmon and discovered how strong they really are—and “my, grandma, what big teeth you have.” He’s also been worrying the steelhead, keeping them just a bit edgy (like […]

Mauricio and the Chile Kings

When I was giving the fishing clinic at the Cantarias Lodge in Chile, Mauricio Salazar, one of the participants, showed me a photo of a 55 lb + king that he had just caught on Rio Pertohue. I pumped him for information because I was headed there in a couple of days, and he was […]