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Harry’s Big Rainbow

Harry Schoel, from Holland, and a mutual friend of Chuck Furimsky and mine, likes to arrived a week or two early for the International Fly Tying Symposium to spend time with Chuck, perhaps going to a football game at Penn State, but certainly trout fishing, weather permitting. And then, a couple of days before the […]

Theo’s Tenkara Prize

Just prior to the International Fly Tying Symposium last November (23-24, 2013), Theo Bakelaar had an opportunity to fish with his Tenkara equipment on a private stream in Pennsylvania. The water holds some exceptional fish, and Theo was able to connect with a very fat, 9-pound rainbow, using a beetle imitation fished on his 4-meter […]

PHWFF second installment

During my time at Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing in Colorado, I not only had the opportunity to spend time with the soldiers, but to talk with their mentors and see some of the big fish the guys caught. At the last dinner on Saturday evening, I presented an inscribed copy of Fishing the Film […]

The Day After

The day after the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing event in Colorado, I was privileged to spend a day fishing. The weather was a bit on the cold and windy side—in fact, we awoke to snow showers. Still, fishing is fishing, and the four of us that had the day to fish bundled up warm […]

Spring in Wisconsin

My friend, John Beth, had an opportunity to fish some spring creeks in southwestern Wisconsin this past week. The weather was great, and as it turns out, so was the fishing. John fished a size 16 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear though a long slow pool and took two rainbows just over 20 inches. This trip […]

Fishing in Austria, 2013, Days 3 & 4

Thursday, April 18, was hot and sunny with a strong Chinook wind from the Alps. Not a good day for fishing. The fish felt the pressure change and the bright sun, and basically went deep and stayed there. All the fish that I had seen in a variety of places on the Ager were nowhere […]

Austria Fishing Day 2

      On  Wednesday April 17, Hans Aigner fished the Ager River with Jorg Schuft and me. Hans began guiding for Hans Gebetsroither in 1959 when he was just 12 years old, and fished with a large variety of world class anglers over the years, including Joe Brooks. On today’s outing, Hans caught his first […]

Fishing in Austria, 2013

On Tuesday, April 16, we organized at 9 am and got underway to the section of the Ager River managed by Roman Mosier. Roman is a superb fly fisher and fly tyer who taught schools with the late Hans Gebetsroither, who develop the Elliptical casting style in the 1930s. The water in the river is […]

Ugly but a Record?

A new world record is in the offing for the brown trout. Just recently a 42 pound 1 ounce monster was hauled out of the waters of New Zealand just downstream from a salmon farm. The pig brown had been chowing down on salmon food and put on more than a few pounds. The current […]

Keith’s Rainbow Blues

Speaking of steelhead, my friend, Keith Scott, wild-eyed, and very good bluesman, was performing at the Trout Hunter’s on Henry’s Fork (see  and went up to fish the canyon. A big rainbow took his olive bugger and nearly fought Keith to a standstill. He landed it, got its photo, and then as he says, “went […]