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Keith the Pikeminnow man

Normally he’s Keith Scott, bluesman, but on the Adams River in BC, Canada, he was Keith the Pikeminnow man. Yes, this member of the minnow family  takes the fly well, and in a river, they fight well, too. They can reach over 24 inches in length and 8 pounds. The current world record is 13 1/2 pounds. […]

Big Fly, Big Fish

One of the premises of my book “Long Flies” is “Big Fly, Big Fish.” I’ve seen it literally thousands of times in my six decades of fly fishing across the globe. For example, I’m head to Alaska in July with my friend, Dave Graebel. He loves to catch the big rainbows on dries, and we […]

Brook’s Broadside Float

When we chased big browns in Chile, my guide, Claudio Ramos, told me to cast into the pocket water of the rushing stream and then mend as needed to keep the fly drifting broadside to the currents. “The big browns love to come up under the fly to take it as it drifts down.” We […]

Skittering Anchor

I’m just back from a Saturday clinic with the Ozark Fly Fishers. My friend, Dr. Gary Eaton, was there, and we had a great chance to say “Hi” and get caught up a bit. He told me of a couple of big trout that fell to his “Skittering Anchor” tactic, and then sent me photos […]

The Day After

The day after the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing event in Colorado, I was privileged to spend a day fishing. The weather was a bit on the cold and windy side—in fact, we awoke to snow showers. Still, fishing is fishing, and the four of us that had the day to fish bundled up warm […]


Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, was in Africa recently, fishing for trout, when he encountered a very unusual and very fierce strain of browns. He was only able to land the smaller ones, and one look at them shows why. The  bigger of these Croc-A-Browns will take a full dress Gnu or Zebra imitation very strongly. […]

Holland Pike Flies

I asked Theo to please send along some shots of the long flies that they use for pike in Holland. He was kind enough to send them right back to me, along with some more pike photos. Note that these flies are big, as in really big, and have to be tied with plenty of […]

Baitfish From L Upstream

Long Flies will be off the press in about a week. I should have my advance copy by April 5th. Copies should begin shipping the next week. In the meantime, here’s another look “under the hood,” as it were. Below is a story about the Baitfish from L, a tactic that I developed for fishing […]

Long Flies & Big Fish

As I’ve noted a couple of times in the past few weeks, the next book in the Fly Fishing series, entitled Long Flies—Streamers, Bucktails, & Other Big Fish Flies, is at the press and will be available the first week in April. Below is an excerpt from Chapter One. It’s a story about fishing for […]


My friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland sends his salute to all U. S. fly fishers. He has been experimenting with eel skin sculpin designs for European waters. These are foam headed flies that are fished on a sinking line. In my forthcoming book, Long Flies — Streamers, Bucktails, and Other Big Fish Flies, I discuss […]