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Parachute Flies, Stage 3 Emerger

Stage three of emergence of the three groups that hatch at the film—mayflies, cadis, and midges—occurs as the adult pulls itself free from the nymphal or pupal skin. The wings have started out (Stage 2) and now comes the head, and legs. The body of the insect is sticking straight up, or nearly so, the […]

Wet/Dry Fly Stage 4 Emerger

The Wet/Dry fly is an “accidental” discovery design. I had tied some of them as wet flies to fish during a hatch of Blue winged Olived (Ephemerella rotunda/invaria), and on the first cast the fly floated. The little brown rose and confidently sucked in the rumpled-looking wet fly that was riding the film. I tried […]

The Parachute Floating Nymph

This imitation apes Stage 2 in the emergence process. It is meant t suggest the nymph as the wings are just beginning to emerge from the case. The insect is riding in the surface film, its legs extended its body simply trapped by the surface tension, and its wings pushing up and out. This is […]

Low Rider Emerging Nymph

In Fishing the Film, there’s discussion of the various stages of emergence and the files that imitate them. Several people asked me to post the tying steps for these imitations, so here’s the first one, the Low Rider Emerging Nymph. Jason developed it a couple of decades ago, when he was fishing Montana’s DePuy’s spring […]