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Pike and Walleye in Holland

Spring is blooming in Europe, and the pike season is closing for spawning time. My friend Theo Bakelaar and his companions have been pike fishing on the River Maas the last few days before the close of the season. The best fly had a Mr. Twister style tail, which imparts plenty of action and gives […]

Theo’s Pike

The northern pike is a great gamefish, and occupies many waters in both the U.S. and Europe, and they take the fly very well. Those who fish for northerns understand that big, as in BIG, flies are the most effective. After all, a fish that weighs over 20 pounds and has a mouth of needles […]

Holland’s Big Pike

Theo’s been at it again. The early spring in Europe has the fish moving actively, and the anglers just as active in pursuit of them. The canal’s in Holland contain many northern pike, and they are a great fish to pursue with the fly rod. This 43-inch fish took a big streamer and fought powerfully. […]

The Pike are Feasting

Holland is warm enough that Theo could fish for pike this past weekend. And fish he did. The big female pike that he caught took his monster fly with gusto. And as Theo was unhooking the hungry female, he noted that it had a big fish in its gullet! That’s either hungry or greedy!  


The yellowfish is a cyprinid, a member of the minnow family (Cyprinidae). It’s feeding activities and selective nature, however, are very similar to trout. In addition it is a spooky fish that is a strong fighter when hooked. These habits make it an excellent fly rod species, and my friends in South Africa pursue it […]

South Africa’s Yellowfish

South African fly fishers have both rainbow and brown trout that can be sought with imitations of feathers, fur, and steel, but like anglers everywhere, many fly rodders seek other species as well. The yellowfish is a group of giant minnows of the family Cyprinidae that fits the fly fisher’s bill very well. They feed […]

Strange Pike

Our friend from Holland, Theo Baakelar, sent a picture of a pike that he recently caught. It definitely was turning up its nose at everyone else’s flies, but when Theo showed him the special pike flies that he uses, well, that pike just couldn’t refuse.

Holland Pike

The latest report from Theo is that the big pike are done spawning and ready to eat, bit time. These fish occupy the canals, and there are plenty of canals in Holland. Pike fishing in Europe is a very refined sport, and the huge flies that they tie for these beasts are very creative indeed.

Long Flies and Muskies

I am currently working on volume 3 in the Fly Fishing book series. This volume is entitled, Long Flies. By long flies I mean bucktails, streamers, strip flies, collared flies, buggers, muddlers and divers, tube flies, film flies like poppers and sliders, techno flies, and others. Their developmental history is not only fascinating but highly […]