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Mauricio and the Chile Kings

When I was giving the fishing clinic at the Cantarias Lodge in Chile, Mauricio Salazar, one of the participants, showed me a photo of a 55 lb + king that he had just caught on Rio Pertohue. I pumped him for information because I was headed there in a couple of days, and he was […]

Chile 2014 Day 3

Today was epic. Epic because the weather was outstanding. Cold in the morning but warming nicely to shirt-sleeve weather by mid morning. Epic because we got up at 4am to hit the road at 5 with another angler, Juan Carlos, headed for big salmon country—the River Petrohue, near the Mt. Osorno volcano. We quickly loaded […]

Holland’s Big Pike

Theo’s been at it again. The early spring in Europe has the fish moving actively, and the anglers just as active in pursuit of them. The canal’s in Holland contain many northern pike, and they are a great fish to pursue with the fly rod. This 43-inch fish took a big streamer and fought powerfully. […]

The Pike are Feasting

Holland is warm enough that Theo could fish for pike this past weekend. And fish he did. The big female pike that he caught took his monster fly with gusto. And as Theo was unhooking the hungry female, he noted that it had a big fish in its gullet! That’s either hungry or greedy!  

Theo’s Tenkara Prize

Just prior to the International Fly Tying Symposium last November (23-24, 2013), Theo Bakelaar had an opportunity to fish with his Tenkara equipment on a private stream in Pennsylvania. The water holds some exceptional fish, and Theo was able to connect with a very fat, 9-pound rainbow, using a beetle imitation fished on his 4-meter […]


The yellowfish is a cyprinid, a member of the minnow family (Cyprinidae). It’s feeding activities and selective nature, however, are very similar to trout. In addition it is a spooky fish that is a strong fighter when hooked. These habits make it an excellent fly rod species, and my friends in South Africa pursue it […]

Theo’s Eelskin Flies Conquer All

A couple of days before the International Fly Tying Symposium (held Nov. 23, 24) Theo Bakellar, Ben Furimski, and I spent a day fishing for stripers. Theo fished with a variety of his eelskin flies. These are tied with a strip of freshwater eelskin. The skin is very thin and flexible, and so, swims very […]

Rattle Flies

I added this fly to the end of my last post on the International Fly Tying Symposium, but I wanted to do a separate post on it just to call everyone’s attention to this novel, and very effective technique. Rattle flies always rattled me a bit as a tier because they required a rattle chamber […]

Fall Blues and Stripers 2013

When my scheduling allows, I like to arrive a few days early for the International Fly Tying Symposium and fish for stripers and blues with Chuck Furimsky and with our friends Theo Bakelaar and Harry Schoel, from Holland. This year was one such year. The first day, the ocean was too rough, so we fished […]

Fall Salmon and Browns 2013

This fall saw our Wisconsin waters lower than normal, but the fish didn’t seem to mind. There was a large run of kings, an exceptionally large run of cohos, and a few early-run browns. Oddly the cohos came in with the kings. Normally they run near the end of the king spawn. And, oddly, the […]