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St. Mary’s Atlantic’s

The St. Mary’s river—a very big river by the way—drains Lake Superior into Lake Huron. It’s also a very good place to catch Atlantic salmon. Perhaps we should call them Landlocks, because they never get to the salt, but they certainly do get into a rather large body of water, and they can get big. […]

Summer Browns

I recently received a photo from one of Jason’s friends, Kurt Lach. He went to school with Jason, raced bicycles with him, and eventually became a fly fishing addict. It’s a great photo of a lovely summer brown, taken from a small stream in western Wisconsin on 6X. Summer fish hold a special place in […]

Practice Gets the Fish

Finding a nice fish in the middle of Wisconsin’s dry, hot summer is never easy, but my friend, John Beth, always manages to do just that. A few days ago, he visited a couple of spring creeks in the SW corner of Wisconsin. The weeds were high on the banks, and the water was low […]

Mission Impossible

“Mr. Furimsky, your mission, should you elect to accept it, is to hook a nice big tarpon—90 lb. class—in the dorsal fin and actually land it.” My friends, Chuck Furimsky (owner and manager of the Fly Fishing Shows), and Harry Schoel (a mutual friend from Holland), went after the finny denizens of the deep—actually finny […]

Night-time Tarpon

My friend, Jake Jordan, is back at it again. He’s the night-time tarpon king. He knows where the fish will be, and he’s got the flies and tactics for taking them. Perhaps the greatest thrill of catching a big tarpon at night is the sheer terror of it all—just look at those eyes! Well, not […]

Theo’s Pike

The northern pike is a great gamefish, and occupies many waters in both the U.S. and Europe, and they take the fly very well. Those who fish for northerns understand that big, as in BIG, flies are the most effective. After all, a fish that weighs over 20 pounds and has a mouth of needles […]

Harry’s Big Rainbow

Harry Schoel, from Holland, and a mutual friend of Chuck Furimsky and mine, likes to arrived a week or two early for the International Fly Tying Symposium to spend time with Chuck, perhaps going to a football game at Penn State, but certainly trout fishing, weather permitting. And then, a couple of days before the […]

Ben’s Big Striper

Today I awoke to a very brisk morning and bitingly cold wind here in Ocean City–not a day to be out on the ocean, at least to my way of thinking. But in late morning, Ben Furimsky headed out with a friend as the Gale Warnings waned and the sun weakly heated the mid-day air. […]

Bluesman in the Pacific Northwest

Keith Scott, bluesman and then some, ( is touring the Pacific Northwest right now, playing his great music and fishing up a storm. He got into chum salmon and discovered how strong they really are—and “my, grandma, what big teeth you have.” He’s also been worrying the steelhead, keeping them just a bit edgy (like […]

Pere Marquette Fall Fishing

My long time friend Jim Hagar is a member of the Pere Marquette Rod and Gun Club and manages to get to the river in the fall for the salmon, steelhead, and browns. Unlike our rivers here in Wisconsin, which fluctuate greatly, in tune with every rainfall, no matter how small or large, the Pere […]