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International Fly Tying Symposium, 2013, Day 1

The International Fly Tying Symposium was held in the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, NJ, this year. It was held in these same facilities last year, and everyone agreed that it was a great venue. This year, Chuck Furimsky, founder and owner of the symposium, asked attendees about the venue, and they all agreed […]

Bobbins-The MP-TT, “The Bobbin of Bobbins”

Well now, what does my friend Marc Petitjean offer us in a bobbin with a name like “The Bobbin of Bobbins?” One thing that no one else has ever done, make a bobbin that really has no tube, and which can be threaded and ready for tying with only a couple of quick hand movements. […]

Bobbins-The Ekich Ultimate

I sat down for breakfast on the first day of Chuck Furimsky’s  International Fly Tying Expo last fall with Faruk Ekich, whom I had just met on the elevator. As we talked, I learned that Faruk was not just a fly tyer, but a creative bobbin designer as well. I spent a while with Faruk […]

Bobbins–The Nor-Bobbin

This bobbin was designed by Norm Norlander as a complement to his Nor-Vise, a true rotary tool. It allows the rotary tier much greater control of the thread than any standard bobbin because it will retract the thread that has been pulled out. The bobbin kit comes with 3 extra spools and a winding hub […]

Bobbins–The Rite Bobbins

These bobbins are manufactured by Merco Products, and come in several iterations, including a newly introduced version that allows the tyer to make half hitches and whip finishes using the bobbin tube. Really slick! You have to watch this video: The Rite bobbins have some distinct advantages for the tyer: (1) Light weight, (2) […]

Bobbins–Midge Wire Frame

The standard wire form bobbin that I reviewed in the last post has one disadvantage: size. Not that the bobbin is excessively large, but its bulk makes it just a bit awkward to handle in some situations, especially for the very tiny stuff. One of the standard wire forms hanging from a size 28 is […]

Bobbins–Wire Frame

There are any number of fly tying bobbins available today. All have something to offer to the tyer, and so this is the first in a series of posts on bobbin designs and their characteristics. The first one that I want to look at is the standard wire leg model. There are any number of […]