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River of Kings 10/10/2013

John Beth and company fished the Great Lakes Tribs for kings and company, and found everyone at home. John connected with kings, cohos, and browns. He noted that he can’t ever remember such a large run of kings. So, if you’ve got a hankerin’ to catch a few of the big boys from the lakes, […]

Steelies from Erie

It’s that time of year when the tributaries of the Great Lakes host their anadromous salmon, steelhead, and browns. Here’s a nice story from Theo Baakelar who fished with Harry Schoel and Chuck Furimsky for steelies on Elk Creek and 18 Mile Creek, tributaries to Lake Erie.              

Eleven is a Good Number

Yesterday, I hooked thirteen fish but only landed five; five is not a good number. Today, I again hooked thirteen fish, but I landed 11 of them. Eleven is a good number. The day started with the decision to hike over the hill into a section of water that I particularly enjoy, and where I […]

Unhook Me, Please, and Once Again, Thanks

This day,day three of my trip,  my friends John Beth and Dale Thompson, were to meet me. John is the one who introduced me to costal water kings many years back, and I always love spending a day fishing with him. I was excited because it looked like it was going to be a hay-day […]

Hooked and Snagged

This day dawned clear and bright, but the cold of last evening was not gone, and even the sun, pouring through the nearly barren branches of streamside trees could not persuade the temperature to get much above the mid 40s F. It was a different day for the kings, too. Like all fish, they get […]

We Love the Cold and Rain

Day One of my fall king salmon fishing opened late. It was a bit after four by the time I got on the water. I could see fish crashing about up the full length of the riffle, and I knew it was going to be a good evening. The sky was leaden, and the wind had […]