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John’s Giant Killers

I received a question about John Beth’s bunny flies and his other “giant killers” that he uses for Lake Michigan tributary salmon, browns, and steelhead. The question asks: “Hello! Do these flies ride hook up or hook down? I see the eyes on top of the hook (like a clouser) so I would think they […]

The Salmon Trip is Complete

The last two and one-half days have raced by. The third day of the trip, Duane and I explored more areas that we had not fished before, and re-worked areas that we had fished on days one and two. The fish were not super cooperative (when are they ever?), but we did manage 8 landed […]

Sperm & Egg Fly

The basic construction of this fly came from my knife-making, guitar-playing, piano-tuning, composer, and fishing buddy, John Beth. He’s always got something new and fun to play with, and when he showed me his Sperm & Egg Fly that he catches all his steelhead, and some browns and salmon with, I was delighted. The basis […]

John Beth Flies

John has graciously photoed his first-choice steelhead flies. His theory is simple, but quite right: when the steelies are living out in the lake, they eat silver-colored minnows, so they are used to seeing them and know what the are. John had his best day every last Monday when we fished together for the first-run […]