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Lancaster Fly Fishing Show 2018

Everywhere I go they point; Lancaster is no different. They are such good audiences, and we have great fun learning to cast, mend, and handle the line. It’s truly amazing how much one can learn, and how quickly, when using the pantomime method. The problem with learning to cast is that the rod must be […]

Pleasanton Pointers 2018

Just to prove that those in Seattle aren’t the only ones that can point with their index fingers, the people at the Pleasanton Show got out their “six shooters” and pointed—even though mommy told them not to point. Pointing is great, especially when it comes to the gripping the rod. From there they learned to […]

Lynwood Pointers 2018

The Lynwood Show (Seattle) is a very personable show—everyone is excited to be there and truly enjoying everything that the show brings. And so, it is not at all uncommon for them to line the casting pond several deep during the casting demos. And they are eager to participate in the pantomime casting drills that […]

Marlboro Fly Fishing Show 2018

Marlboro is a delightful show that always has enthusiastic attendees. This year’s crowd was no different. The seminars were well attended and the casting demos were packed. It’s always a joy to speak to a crowd that is not only enthusiastic, but willing to go along with all the arm movements and other antics that […]

Denver Fly Fishing Show 2018

The Denver Show is the second largest of the Fly Fishing Shows, and this year it grew yet again. Friday saw the crowd wall-to wall, as did Saturday and Sunday. The seminars were all well attended as were the casting demonstrations and the fly tying seminars. The number of show booths was expanded, and there […]

Clydehusrst 2107 day 1

Marc Williamson and I are in Montana just south of Big Timber at the Clydehurst Christian Ranch, conducting our 5th annual Men’s Fly Fishing School. Of course we came a day early to prepare everything and rip a few lips, if the fish cooperate. This year they did. The weather turned nasty—cold rain and wind […]

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2017

This weekend, February 24-26, 2017, was the Fly Fishing Show at Pleasanton, CA. Friday the hall was almost instantly filled with enthusiastic fly fishers, testing rods, attending programs and demonstrations, chatting with fly tyers, discussing travel opportunities and a huge variety of fly fishing products, and even sampling aged, flavored balsamic vinegars (I flipped out […]

Lynwood Fly Fishing Show 2017

The Fly Fishing Show  at Lynwood is always fun. And Saturday was a hoot. The crowd around the casting pond was astonishing. As always, they willingly participated–in both the physical exercises (all pantomime) and the jokes. Sunday’s crowd was equally enthusiastic, and we all had a fun time learning a host of casting and mending tactics. […]

Atlanta Fly Fishing Show, 2017

This was the first year for the Atlanta Fly Fishing show, and it looked and felt very good. This year’s show was two days, Friday and Saturday. Friday’s crowd was healthy for the first day of a totally new show, but Saturday’s crowd was robust to say the least. Both days, the crowd for my […]

The Fly Fishing Show—Somerset, 2017

Like last week’s show in Marlboro, this year’s show was a real delight: no snow, no rain, pleasant weather and a massive crowd of enthusiastic fly fishers. And like Marlboro, the casting pond was lined four to six deep with men, women, and children eager to watch and learn. And again, they all graciously agreed […]