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Somerset Fly Fishing Show 2016

This year’s Show in Somerset missed the big snowfall by a week. I was not the only one glad for the “near miss.” Friday’s show opened with a bang; the crowd was very good. Plenty of people in attendance, plenty of “fishing speak” all over the place, and great attendance at all the talks. Saturday […]

Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo 2016

Last weekend (Jan. 16, 17) was the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo in Calgary. The weather was classic winter Calgary, cold and blustery. The day I left, a Chinook Wind was headed in to warm things a bit. The show however, was warm and toasty and busy. Plenty of things to see and do. I […]

Denver Fly Fishing Show 2016, Day 2,3

Whew, those two days blasted by. Saturday morning from 8:30 to 11:00, I taught a casting class and then tore off to have a stint at the Author’s Booth, give a casting Demo, and a Power Point presentation on Fishing the Big Fish Flies. I used the new Hardy Zephrus rod, 9 foot 6 weight […]

Denver Fly Fishing Show, Day 1

The Show Season has started. Day One was a bit of getting back in the saddle, but that was over quickly. My first event of the day was a Casting Demo. I used the new Hardy Wraith, 9 foot, 5-weight with a fluorescent orange, long head, 6wt line made for me by Rio. It casts […]

Casting Classes

The Fly Fishing Shows are a great place to get half-day casting classes at an exceptionally good price. I offer them as space allows at the shows I attend. This year I will be at Denver, Somerset, Pleasanton, and Lancaster. The casting classes are always fun, and everyone comes away with some new understandings and […]

2015 International Fly Tying Symposium One Eye

This year’s symposium was well attended and featured a number of very interesting and fun events—including a Polka on the accordion by Chuck Furimsky, founder and manager of the event. He’s actually quite good, but prefers fly fishing and fly tying to performing in a Polka Band. Perhaps the most unusual event, however, was the […]

Chuck, Theo, and Harry into Real Fish

Well, enough of aliens. The fearsome trio of Chuck, Theo, and Harry headed to the hills for some real fish—trout in this case. And they found some very nice ones. Question is, will they have enough will power to leave real fish and go to the International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset next weekend (Nov. […]

NAFF Casting Notes

One of our main goals at the Northern Arkansas Fly Fishers clinic this past weekend was an involved discussion of casting. Casting is the physical skill of fly fishing, and often times the enjoyment of an angling day comes from our ability to readily execute the needed cast and/or mend to take a particularly difficult […]

Clinic for Northern Arkansas Fly Fishers

I was invited to do a fly fishing clinic this past weekend (10/31-11/1) for the Northern Arkansas Fly Fishers in Cotter, AR. There was a bit of rain, but nothing that interfered with our time outside to discuss casting. Indoors, I tied flies and gave several PowerPoint presentations on The Angler as Predator, Nymphing from […]

Clydehurst Christian Ranch Fly Fishing School day 2

Our second day was one of bright blue skies and pleasant temperatures. After morning chapel, we discussed equipment with a detailed Q&A session. Then right after lunch, we had a casting contest—both accuracy and distance. There were 4 targets at different ranges and each caster made 3 casts to each. One point was awarded for […]