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PM Fly Fishing School

This past weekend (6/13-6/14/2015) I conducted a fly fishing school at the Pere Marquette Rod and Gun Club on the banks of the Pere Marquette River at Baldwin, Michigan. The 20 students had a great time. We managed to do our casting exercises between the rain storms; none-the-less, we received between 2 and 3 inches […]

EWF 2015 day 2

The morning dawned bright and sunny, and it continued that way all day. It was not overly warm, however. The wind had a bit if chill in it, and the temperature stayed in the 50s. It was light jacket weather, for sure. As expected, the crowd did not burst open the doors at 9am, but by […]

EWF 2015 day 1

The EWF show started today. The crowd was assembled and ready to enter the Show well before the 9am opening, and they hung around until the Show had to close at 6pm. As in all shows, there were casting demonstration, fly tying demonstrations, presentations, and plenty of exhibitors. What makes this show so unique is […]

EWF Pre-Show Day 2015

The EWF Show in Furstenfeldbruck, Germany, just a bit west of Munich begins tomorrow, April 18. Today was setup day for the exhibitors and a time for casting classes. I offered two: one from 1:30 to 3:30pm and the other from 4 to 6pm. The first class had 3 students and went well with the […]

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2015 day 3

Today started with a Bible study at 7:45. The group had a good time discussing the Christian role of the Priest of our own life. Then came a 3-hour casting class. The students learned quickly are readily, and we had to end with a too-brief discussion of the Double Haul. But, they did get enough […]

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show day 2

For me, day two started with a bang—or rather a cast; a casting class that we held outside in the nice warm sunny day. It was a good class and everyone learned a great deal. All the participants received a copy of my new DVD, The Perfect Cast I. Then followed a casting demonstration on […]

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2015 day 1

Friday, February 20, the show opened at 10 am to the roar of a fantastic crowd. Those of us who have been at the show for a number of years commented on the fact that the crowd was more reminiscent of a Saturday than a Friday. It was great to see such a enthusiastic and […]

Lynwood Fly Fishing Show day 2

My day started with a Bible study at 7:45. We had a fun and very useful discussion. Then later in the morning it was time for a Power Point presentation on Reading Water. We talked about the three basic biological drives of all living organisms, and then condensed them into: 1. Save your butt, (2) […]

Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show 2015 day 1

As with all the shows, this one started with a bang. The crowd was nearly instantaneous and steady all day long. The crowd at the casting demonstration was heavy, and filled with all “pointers,” not a setter among them. As always, once the day starts it rips by with hardly a pause to breathe. My […]

Lynnwood and Pleasanton 2015

The shows are ripping by. Lynnwood, WA, is headed our way this coming weekend, followed by the show at Pleasanton, CA,  the following weekend. I will be giving fly tying classes, casting demos, PowerPoint presentations, book signing and a Bible study at Lynwood, and casting classes, casting demos, PowerPoint presentations, book signing and a Bible study  at […]