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Madison Valley Ranch

My friend, Scott Carver, President of PlanSource, invited me to conduct a casting clinic for some of his clients at his lodge, the Madison Valley Ranch, located on the east side of the Madison River, just downstream from Jeffery, MT. The clinic prepared his guests for a great day’s fishing on the Madison. And the […]

School at Big Sky

This weekend I conducted a fly fishing school for Young Life at Big Sky, MT. We had a great time, not just in the learning, but a chance to get to know each other. There is an expression in fly fishing that goes, “There are no strangers in fly fishing, only friends who haven’t met,” […]

Clydehurst Fishing Day 2

I came away with the fetid odor of skunk all over me today. I fished from 9:30 to 11:30 in front of camp without a touch. Nothing on the nymph and nothing on the dry. I’ll blame it on the cold night and extra cold water this morning—any excuse is better than none. Still, I […]

Clydehurst 2014 Fishing Day 1

The school ended on Sunday morning at 11 am. After lunch, Marc Williamson and I headed up river with a couple of fellow anglers go fish an area known as the Boulders. Most of the river is pocket water, but this area in classic riffle pool water. The day was perfect. Beautiful blue sky, a […]

Clydehurst Christian Ranch 2014

The last two days, my friend Marc Williamson, and I have been teaching a fly fishing class at Clydehurst. It’s a wonderful venue for a school of this nature because it is right across the road from the Boulder River, south of Big Timber, MT. Everyone in the classes has had a great time, and […]

Summer Absence

It was a summer of travel and visiting our son, Jason, his wife, Kelley, and our granddaughter, Brooke. There was some fishing and a trip to Alaska mixed in, too. This week I am in Montana speaking to at two different Christian groups and at the Madison River Lodge. Today I am at the Clydehurst […]

Summer is upon us with a vengeance

Summer in Wisconsin came in with a bang. A real bang. One day we had cold and snow, and the next it was in the 80s. We still have snow on our ski hill nearly 3 months after it closed. Of course it went fast when the 80s came, but it was very deep and […]

Chile 2014 Day 1

I arrived in Chile on Saturday, March 29 and met my friends, Benito and Pablo Perez and Exequiel Bustos at the Santiago airport. That afternoon we flew south to Osorno and met Javier Dietz who owns and operates the Cantarias Lodge, named after the monster beetle that is great food for very large trout. We […]

Ozark Fly Fishers

Saturday, March 8, found me in St. Louis, Missouri, speaking to the Ozark Fly Fishers. A crowd of over 100 members turned out for the all-day affair. And what a day it was. I presented PowerPoint programs on “Equipment isn’t the Only Thing,” “Reading Waters,” “Nymphing From Top to Bottom,” and “Fishing the Film.” Because […]

Lynwood Fly Show Day 2

Sunday at all shows tend to be a bit slower than Saturday, but the slightly smaller crowd is, none the less, every bit as enthusiast. The programs and demos are well attended and one must still answer a barrage of questions after each event. Good stuff. The next Fly Show is Pleasanton, next weekend. If […]