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Marlboro Fly Fishing Show 2018

Marlboro is a delightful show that always has enthusiastic attendees. This year’s crowd was no different. The seminars were well attended and the casting demos were packed. It’s always a joy to speak to a crowd that is not only enthusiastic, but willing to go along with all the arm movements and other antics that […]

The Single Best Book on Fly Casting Ever Written

Sooner or later, someone had to do it, and Jason has done it. Fly Casting is the core element of fly fishing, and the more one understands about the nuances of this skill, the better. But Jason has taken a new twist—the modular approach. It shows one how to build skill upon skill allowing anyone […]

Ian’s Record Brown

My friend, Ian Gordon, is a teacher of two-hand casting in Scotland, and a very fine angler, guiding for Atlantic Salmon on a variety of Scottish rivers. And what does he do for relation–go fishing. This time in Iceland for huge browns on Lake Thingvallavathn, the largest lake in that country. The browns get enormous […]

The Fly Fishing Show—Somerset, 2017

Like last week’s show in Marlboro, this year’s show was a real delight: no snow, no rain, pleasant weather and a massive crowd of enthusiastic fly fishers. And like Marlboro, the casting pond was lined four to six deep with men, women, and children eager to watch and learn. And again, they all graciously agreed […]

Cast/Mend Definitions

As a scientist and college professor, I insist that my students learn definitions. It was not merely an exam exercise, for, without definitions that clearly demark the boundaries of an object, idea, theorem, anatomical structure, and so on, it is not possible to think about their relationship to other objects, ideas, theorems, anatomical structures and […]

Casting Classes

The Fly Fishing Shows are a great place to get half-day casting classes at an exceptionally good price. I offer them as space allows at the shows I attend. This year I will be at Denver, Somerset, Pleasanton, and Lancaster. The casting classes are always fun, and everyone comes away with some new understandings and […]

EWF 2015 day 2

The morning dawned bright and sunny, and it continued that way all day. It was not overly warm, however. The wind had a bit if chill in it, and the temperature stayed in the 50s. It was light jacket weather, for sure. As expected, the crowd did not burst open the doors at 9am, but by […]

The Perfect Cast I

My blog has been neglected these last few weeks because of The Perfect Cast I, my next book in the Fly Fishing Series, and a new DVD that I shot this fall. Editing the DVD is a very time consuming process, but a rewarding one as well. The DVD will certainly be ready for the […]

Urban Fly Casting

My good friend, Juergen Friesenhahn, is s very active student of casting.  He is constantly thinking about and practicing a huge range of casting tactics. Last year, at the 2013 EWF Show in Germany, he translated for me. When I was talking about one phase of casting, he seemed to take a long time to […]

Modern Casting III—Arm Casting, part 1

Arm Casting evolved rather quickly in the late 1800s after the advent of fixed rings (guides), rod building techniques that allowed reproducible actions (6-strip cane rods), and high quality, braided silk fly lines. These three allowed the angler to shoot line, something that had been denied to the fly fisher for the first 2,000 years […]