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Big and Ugly, and Eating…Jigs?

Chuck Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Shows, was recently fishing the Salmon River in NY and decided to fish a small white, fly rod jig for the big kings—and guess what? Yup, he connected. That’s an impressive fish, Chuck! Three years back (2014) I was fishing kings in the Chilean Patagonia, and we found […]

Brook’s Broadside Float

When we chased big browns in Chile, my guide, Claudio Ramos, told me to cast into the pocket water of the rushing stream and then mend as needed to keep the fly drifting broadside to the currents. “The big browns love to come up under the fly to take it as it drifts down.” We […]

Manuel Meets Chile Browns

Last year, when I was in Mendoza, Argentina, for a clinic with the guys at the Mendoza Fly Shop, I met Manuel Lineras. In fact, we shared a fine Malbec wine one evening at the fly shop. So, it was great to see him and his friends at the Patagonia Baker Lodge. We swapped fishing […]

Mauricio and the Chile Kings

When I was giving the fishing clinic at the Cantarias Lodge in Chile, Mauricio Salazar, one of the participants, showed me a photo of a 55 lb + king that he had just caught on Rio Pertohue. I pumped him for information because I was headed there in a couple of days, and he was […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 7 News Flash

I had to return to the lodge early to work on flight arrangements due to the strike of LAN airlines, but Pablo and Exequiel stayed and continued to explore the river. They headed even further up the watershed, and found the big browns. It was an afternoon to remember and they hooked and landed the […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 6

We decided to get up very early and fish the rocky stream for big browns in the first light of morning. We started in the section just above the one we fished yesterday. Other in the party went further up river. Exequiel connected with a nice brown and we shot more photos that it deserved. […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 5

We travelled to another stream today in search of big browns. Arriving just after lunch, we spent the afternoon fishing intensely on the rough and rocky stream. Intensity of intent means little if the fish are not cooperative. Again, it was a hot, bright sunny day, and only four fish flashed our flies. It was […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 4

Today was a true test of fishing skills on the Cochrane. In fact it was more than a test of skills, it was an exercise in frustration. First understand that the Cochrane is not an ordinary stream. It is a “U” shaped channel in the sand. Further it is really deep, and is lined with […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 3

Today Exequiel and I fished the Rio Baker together. The action started about the time the sun fell onto the water in mid morning. And then it was very good. We caught many fish in the 15 to 18 inch size on small nymphs fished in the currents around a mid stream gravel bar. I […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 2

Pablo Perez and I travelled with our guide, Marcello, to the short neck between Lago General Carrera and Lago Bertrand to fish for big browns. The water of the lake is impossibly blue, and yet clear at the same time. We could easily see to the bottom in 20 feet of water. The fish are […]