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Trico Photos

John Beth has sent along a few more Trico photos from his trip to Montana’s Bighorn a couple of weeks ago. For those that have never fished big waters, the Trico hatch o the ‘Horn can seem unreal. But the big western rivers like the Missouri, the Henry’s Fork, Canada’s Bow, and others all have […]

Benito Perez Paints, too

My friend, Benito Perez, from the Mendoza Fly Shop in Argentina is more than just an accomplished angler. He is the author of the first angler’s entomology of the Argentine Patagonia, and a very skilled artist. I’ve seen his work up close and personal, and it’s fine indeed. He just sent me a photo of […]

Hex Photos

My guitar playing, knife-making, fly fishing buddy, John Beth sent me a couple of hex photos. They really show off the size of this, the largest mayfly in North America. No wonder everything that swims eats them. I’ve even seen muskrats holding out in the currents eating hex duns–very odd, indeed.

Hex Time in the Old Midwest

When the Hex mayflies hatch it is a true spectacle of nature. Not just a hatch but a superhatch beyond imagining. You have to see it to understand. The Discovery channel called it a “Swarm,” like locusts, and so it is. For more go have a look at this video clip by the Discovery Channel […]

Wet/Dry Fly

Our weather has gone from cool and rainy to hot and then some with powerful T-sotrms, hail, and tornadoes in only a few days. Today, June 7, the temp. in north central Wisconsin will hit 91-93. That’s August weather. Of course it has really played a mind game with the hatches. The Hendrickson’s which had […]

Twinkle Wing Spinner–Hendrickson

When I wrote Designing Trout Flies in 1991, I had not yet discovered Twinkle Organza as a winging material. It was up to Bob Brooks, then manager of the Hot Creek Ranch, to show me this material one July when I was there with Nancy and Jason to fish the Trico spinner fall. His little […]

Yarn Wing Dun-Hendrickson

Of all the medium-sized mayfly designs that I’ve fished over the years, this one is the best. Its single wing causes the fly to slide aerodynamically through the air when cast. The poly yarn of the wing sparkles and twinkles like the wing of the natural while still allowing some light to pass through. The […]

Parachute Floating Nymph–Hendrickson

When the fish get picky in the Hendrickson hatch, it’s time to give them the emerger. The one I use is easy to tie, gets right down in the film at the fish’s level, and looks just right. It uses a dubbing ball for the unfolding wing pads. This is a technique that I first […]

Red Brown Nymph–Hendrickson

The Hendricksons are upon us, and it’s time to haul out the old vise and crank a few imitations. I love the Hair Leg Nymph style for all my mayfly nymph imitations. It’s a very easy design to tie, quite rugged, and highly effective. While mayfly nymphs vary in color, this Red Brown Nymph works […]

Time of the Hendrickson

The leaves on the oaks are the size of a mouse’s ear; it’s the time of the Hendrickson. Here in the northwoods of Wisconsin, the Hendrickson (Ephemerella subvaria) is our first serious mayfly hatch. And it’s a civilized hatch, at that, coming off just after the lunch hour and lasting for an hour or two. […]