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Hardy Factory Live Tour

I just received a note from my friends at Hardy regarding the live tour of their factor that was scheduled to happen on May 6th and didn’t:  

2015 International Fly Tying Symposium One Eye

This year’s symposium was well attended and featured a number of very interesting and fun events—including a Polka on the accordion by Chuck Furimsky, founder and manager of the event. He’s actually quite good, but prefers fly fishing and fly tying to performing in a Polka Band. Perhaps the most unusual event, however, was the […]

New Hardy Website for 2016

Hardy has just posted its new web site. There’s a great piece by Howard Croston, Hardy’s Brand Manager on French style nymphing, both the original form and the newer modified version. In addition, there’ great info on the new rod series, and the new reels, like the Duchess and mid-sixed arbor reels. These are great […]

Hardy 2016

Hardy has released their 2016 catalog, loaded with lots of outstanding gear. Of particular excitement for me are the Wraith and Zephrus rods, the Medium Spool DD reels, and Dutchess reels. I had a chance to cast the Wraith and Zephrus prototypes last year at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show in California, and was truly […]

Hans Aigner Passes

As we were eating breakfast this morning at our hotel in Austria, we received the sad news that Hans Aigner had died in the night. Hans had come to visit all of us at diner on Thursday evening, and I had an opportunity to sit with my old friend for about half an hour and […]

Somerset Show

The Fly Fishing Show held at Somerset, New Jersey, is the largest fly fishing only show in the world. My old friend, Jake Jordan, made this report form the first day of the show. Greetings from The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset NJ:     This is one of the best ever shows here in Somerset, there […]

The SC20—an Extraordinary Fly Rod

This exceptional rod was built by Jason to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his performance as the Shadow Caster in Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It.” But this is way more than just another fly rod put together to celebrate some memorable event in the modern history of fly fishing. This is a fishing […]

International Fly Tying Symposium, 2013, Day 1, Banquet

The IFTS banquet was held tonight (Saturday, Nov. 23). In addition to the great food and more than our share of talking, there were fabulous door prizes provided by Keough Hackle, SuperFly (great threads), and EstaZ. But the highlight of the banquet was a short talk by Dave Klausmeyer (publisher and editor of Fly Tyer […]

International Fly Tying Symposium, 2013, Day 1

The International Fly Tying Symposium was held in the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, NJ, this year. It was held in these same facilities last year, and everyone agreed that it was a great venue. This year, Chuck Furimsky, founder and owner of the symposium, asked attendees about the venue, and they all agreed […]

EWF 1014 & 2015 & 2016

The dates for the EWF Show in Germany—Europe’s largest fly fishing only show,for 2014-2016, have been announced. This is without a doubt the finest fly fishing venue anywhere—an ancient 15 century monastery. This year the show was attended by over 3,400 visitors, and the crowds promise to be larger in the coming years. If you […]