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Camp Flies

Nancy and I have been camping, spending some great time together in the wonderful forest lands of the U.S. In addition to the usual “camp chores,” there’s time for some needed reading, writing, lounging, fishing or course, and generally resetting one’s self. I also took some time to dress flies for a soon-upcoming trip to […]

Atlantics in the Great lakes

            The Great Lakes do contain fishable populations of Atlantic Salmon. They are not widespread, like the Pacific salmon, but they are in the Lakes and can be caught. Last week, my friend, Dr. Garry Sack, travelled to the massive St. Mary’s River that connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron […]

Marlin on the Fly

Capt’n Jake Jordan offers a great trip for marlin sand/or sailfish on the fly. Here’s a report from one day of his recent three day trip. Wednesday Morning, 3:30 AM we woke up, washed up, ate great hot a breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, and good Costa Rican coffee around 4:30. The crew then pulled the sea anchor and began […]

Theo’s Sand Eels

Striper fishing is picking up along the Jersey coast, and our friend, Theo Bakelaar, has been tying his Eel Skin Sand Eels for a shop in Ocean City. These flies really are tied with freshwater eel skin, and they are extremely effective, as our past fishing experiences have shown. Eel skin is very tough and […]

Tarpon in the Dark

Capt’n Jake Jordan is catching tarpon every night—yup, he specializes in night fishing for the big silvers ‘poons. Check out his link to the right. He still has a few openings for the adventurous angler who wants to mix it up with these big fish in the dark.

Brook’s Broadside Float

When we chased big browns in Chile, my guide, Claudio Ramos, told me to cast into the pocket water of the rushing stream and then mend as needed to keep the fly drifting broadside to the currents. “The big browns love to come up under the fly to take it as it drifts down.” We […]

Manuel Meets Chile Browns

Last year, when I was in Mendoza, Argentina, for a clinic with the guys at the Mendoza Fly Shop, I met Manuel Lineras. In fact, we shared a fine Malbec wine one evening at the fly shop. So, it was great to see him and his friends at the Patagonia Baker Lodge. We swapped fishing […]

Mauricio and the Chile Kings

When I was giving the fishing clinic at the Cantarias Lodge in Chile, Mauricio Salazar, one of the participants, showed me a photo of a 55 lb + king that he had just caught on Rio Pertohue. I pumped him for information because I was headed there in a couple of days, and he was […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 7 News Flash

I had to return to the lodge early to work on flight arrangements due to the strike of LAN airlines, but Pablo and Exequiel stayed and continued to explore the river. They headed even further up the watershed, and found the big browns. It was an afternoon to remember and they hooked and landed the […]

Chile Patagonia Baker Lodge Day 6

We decided to get up very early and fish the rocky stream for big browns in the first light of morning. We started in the section just above the one we fished yesterday. Other in the party went further up river. Exequiel connected with a nice brown and we shot more photos that it deserved. […]