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Austria Day 4

Today was diametrically opposite yesterday. Dawn came early and bright, with a bit of fog, but that soon burned off, and we had an absolutely blue-bird day. The Ager was up about 10 cm (4 inches) and just a tiny bit off color. Not to worry. The fish got started a bit later in the […]

Austria Day 3

Today was one of those days that only increases one’s distrust of the weatherman. Supposedly it was going to be medium overcast with a few scattered showers. Not. It was heavy overcast and rain, rain, rain. The fish were not as active as I had supposed (and hoped) they might be—they knew what was coming, […]

Austria Day 2

It was another bright and sunny day, and I returned to the Ager River. As on all bright days, unless there is a hatch to get the fish up, they stay deep and hidden. Still in the morning I did hook a very big rainbow on a Knotted Egg. It ran upstream through a wing […]

Austria Day 1

The day dawned bright and stayed bright. Great for fishing, not so great for catching. However, a few fish cooperated and everyone that fished today caught some fish. I fished the Ager River with an egg fly and other nymphs and hooked six, and landed three. In a stretch that look like the Madison, I […]

Opening the Season in Austria

My friend Exequiel Bustos from Mendoza, Argentina, just returned from conducting classes on the Codihue in northern Patagonia. The water was low, and the big fish could be seen holding in the very clear, shallow flows. A number of them broke off, but Exequiel managed to land some very nice rainbows on small nymphs. Of […]

Night-time Tarpon

My friend, Jake Jordan, is back at it again. He’s the night-time tarpon king. He knows where the fish will be, and he’s got the flies and tactics for taking them. Perhaps the greatest thrill of catching a big tarpon at night is the sheer terror of it all—just look at those eyes! Well, not […]

Trout in South Africa

My friend, Tom Sutcliffe, of South Africa wrote the other day to ask me to write a few paragraphs for his newsletter—which I am happy to do—go here to see his web site. He also included a few photos of trout fishing (its early fall there). I wanted to post these just to give everyone […]

Opening the Season

Our friend from Holland, Theo Bakelaar, has started his spring season with a trout fishing excursion to a Dutch stream that harbors trout. His successful fly of the day was a black and chartreuse streamer. This is the original color of the Black Strip Leech—the contrast of the black and chartreuse colors makes the fly […]

Early Spring at the PM Club

My good friend, Jim Hagar, is a member of the Pere Marquette Rod and Gun Club in Baldwin, MI. He and his friend Tom McGraw hit the river over the past weekend to sample the early spring fishing. Saturday was hot—fishing wise, not temperature wise. Tom nailed the best fish of the day, with Jim […]

My friend, jake Jordan, had a rather serious health problem on his drive home a couple of weeks ago. He is doing much better, now, and files the following report that should be of great interest to anyone really wanting to nail a bill fish or catch a big tarpon in the dark hours. Greetings […]