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Bugskin Flatfish (Baby Flounder)

My friend, Chuck Furimsky, founder and manager of The Fly Fishing Shows, is also the developer of Bugskin. It’s a thin leather product used in fly tying. Well, Chuck was cleaning a striper and found 3 baby flounders in its stomach. So what else could he do but tie a baby flounder fly? He found […]

Realistic Emerging Stonefly

My friend Marcelo Malventano has created another rather unusual piece of angling art, a stonefly in metamorphosis. For more of his great work, click on his link to the right.

Realistic Dragonfly Nymph

My friend Marcelo Malventano is continually creating new realistic imitations of the insects of his native Argentina. Here’s one that is really wonderfully designed and executed. You can see more at his site—see the link to the right under his name.

Damsel Borger Designs

My friend Marcelo Malventano from Argentina is a most creative and skilled fly tyer, producing both highly artistic, realistic designs, as well as fishing patterns. He has honored me by designing both a realistic art piece of an emerging damsel fly (called a teneral), and a damsel nymph that is built for fishing. Thank you […]

The Stone Palmer by Marcelo Malventano

I received the following email from Marcelo Malventano with a link that shows the tying of his Palmer Stone. I pass it on to all those who want to see the steps in tying a realsitic fishing fly. iT´S A PLEASURE FOR ME THAT I´LL PUBLISH AN ARTICLE ABOUT STONE PALMER IN FLYANGLERS  WEB PAGE: […]

Marcelo Malventano–Realistic Flies

There are realistic flies and then there are realistic flies. Marcelo Malventano makes the realistic, realistic version. You need to see these flies! Go his site La esencia del Atado for a real eye opening experience.

Denver Fly Fishing Show, Day 2

Today was a busy one at the show. Lots-o-people, and then some. I held a casting class from 8:30 to 11 am, had a book signing from 11-12, gave a talk entitled “Where the Trout Are,” and finished with a casting talk/demo from 3:15 until 4:15. Yesterday I met Jackson Leong and we talked fly […]