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Looking for “Reading Waters?”

[JB here, guest posting for GB today—hey, it’s Father’s Day, so I’ll do the work for the “old guy”] I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking about Reading Waters and potential Father’s Day availability. Well, it’s Father’s Day, and I can confirm two things: 1) The book is coming off the press (GB already […]

The Secret River

This is an excerpt from Chapter Seven of our forthcoming book, Reading Waters. Chapter Seven is entitled “Reading Rapids.” The excerpt below is about one of the least understood aspects of reading rapids, “The Secret River.” This is just a very small sampling of the mass of information that we have built into the book. […]

Reading Water-First Draft

I literally just completed the first draft of our second book in the “Fly Fishing” series, entitled “Reading Waters.” Like the first book, “Fishing the Film,” it is loaded with practical information illustrated with stories from our angling lives. Now, Mr. Senior Editor gets to have his way with it–right Jason? Here are the chapter […]

Refraction 101

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from a medium of one optical density into a medium of a different optical density, as from air to water or water into air. The amount of bending is dependent upon the incident angle of the light.  In the diagram below, a light ray, “A” strikes […]

The Lateral Line

Like hot race cars, fish sport a pin strip down the length of their bodies. It’s the lateral line–lateral meaning “side.” It may be distinctly darker than the side of the fish or it may only be seen as a raised area along the side. The  lateral line consists of a series of interconnected “U” […]