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Perfection Loop

         I’ve had a number of inquires over the last year about the Perfection Loop. First, it’s used to tie a loop in the butt end of the leader so that leaders can be rapidly changed by looping on and off while fishing. The Perfection Loop is preferred in this situation because […]

Kings in Chile

King salmon were first introduced into Chilean waters in 1886, but the plant did not take. A single stocking of juvenile fish in Rio Santa Cruz about 1930 produced a viable wild population of spawning kings. Then in the mid 1970s, the fish were introduced in fish farms along the coast of the Chilean Patagonia. […]

Tippet or Leader Rings

During the recent Fly Fishing Shows, I discussed the use of “tippet rings” or “leader rings.” There were many who could not find them at local shops. Here is a source for these items—really “jump rings”—from the jewelry making industry: 3mm brass rings 3mm sterling silver rings 2.15 mm rings I carry my leader rings […]

JB 1608 Wheatley Fly Box

I told Jason that I was tying flies for a trip to Chile in late March and early April to offer some clinics and spend some time fishing. He very graciously sent me a JB1608 Richard Wheatley Fly box. It’s a JB box because it bears a laser engraved copy of a pen and ink […]

Two Fly Fishing Talents Combine Forces to Form New Rod Company

Seele Fly Rods will offer premier quality fly rods handmade in Pennsylvania, USA. Bellwood, Pennsylvania, USA-December 2, 2013–Mauri Fly Fishing’s Michael Mauri and McFarland Rod Company’s Mike McFarland today announced that they will team up to form a new rod company. Seele Fly Rods (pronounced zay-luh) will be based in Bellwood, Pennsylvania and will feature […]

The SC20—an Extraordinary Fly Rod

This exceptional rod was built by Jason to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his performance as the Shadow Caster in Robert Redford’s “A River Runs Through It.” But this is way more than just another fly rod put together to celebrate some memorable event in the modern history of fly fishing. This is a fishing […]

SpeyGhillie App

I had a note from Malcolm McLeman about a new app that he has developed for the salmon fisher. It’s called SpeyGhillie, and it looks like a great way for the salmon angler to keep ready and thorough notes on fishing, flies, and general info, even while fishing. Here are the notes from the iTunes […]

Testing the SC 20

When Nancy and I travelled to visit Jason and Kelley and celebrate Brooke’s first birthday,  I received a most extraordinary gift–a rod from Jason. Let me back up just a bit. Jason is an exceptional rod designer. Not in the sense that I have helped design rods. I would tell the manufacturer to stiffen the […]

Is This a Tarpon, or What?

My friend, Pablo Rodrigo Perez, from Mendoza, Argentina, has been waging war on the tarpon in Mexico. And just look at what his campaign of terror has serve up for him! My gosh, what a fish. His rod is not a two-hand Spey stick as might be supposed from the handle. It is a one-hand […]

Casamar Clincher

Book number four in the Fly Fishing Series, The Angler as Predator is out! I will be shipping books later this week. Book number five entitled Fly Gear, is written and is being edited.  I am shooting photos of knots and doing other such tasks for final book assembly. One of the knots that is […]