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Tippet Glow

Joe Kissane (Drag-Free Drift, 2001, Stackpole Books) recently sent me a great photo, shot by his brother Mike, illustrating the not so invisible nature of fluorocarbon. Mike is a professional photographer and eco-tour guide in Iceland—see here— (the land of huge brown trout, by the way). Joe likes fluorocarbon because of its long shelf life, […]

Fry Flies and UV Cure Head Cement

I’m headed to Alaska with my friend, Dave Graebel, in search of some big rainbows on the dry fly. This is the time to do it. The trout are not yet so fixated on eggs that they will take nothing else. And, the mayflies are on the wing—both the Western Green Drake and the PMDs. […]

Stroft GTM Tippet Material

I’m always looking for new equipment items in fly fishing, and I’m always looking with a bit of a jaundiced eye. Not because I’ve seen it all or heard it all, but because my background training is as a research scientist. In science we set a null hypothesis that says something can’t happen, and then […]