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Tarpon on the Fly at Night

Well, my old friend Jake Jordan doesn’t use a Gray Ghost for his tarpon fishing, but he certainly takes a lot of big fish on long flies at night. Night fishing for big browns is very exciting. Imagine what catching a 100 pound-plus tarpon is like–especially with the added thrill of sharks that can’t be […]


The concept of selectivity is an easy one to understand–there’s a really, really high concentration of one type of food organism, and the fish feed on that organism and shun all others. This allows the fish to target a known food item and thereby maximize food intake and minimize energy expenditure. Well, we normally think […]

Tarpon at Night–Dead Drift

My friend Chuck Furimsky, founder and owner of The Fly Fishing Show, was recently fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys with our mutual friend, Capt. Jake Jordan. They were up at 3 am to catch the outgoing tide, and were sliding the boat into the Gulf side of the bridge in less than an […]