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Poly Caddis

While the mayflies are hatching well, now in this warm weather, the caddises are not being left behind. One of the adult caddis patterns that I use is the Poly Caddis. It’s easy to tie, rides well in the surface film, and has the glint of reality in the winging material. It can be readily […]

Brooke Brown Photos

This came in today’s email, and I wanted everyone to see these great photos. Mr. Borger, I met you at the fly show in Somerset a few years ago and enjoyed your seminars greatly. You talked with my husband Shawn and I, and I expressed my love for naturals as well. I just wanted to […]

The Devil Bug

At the Edmonton Seminar that I conducted with Mike Lawson, I was asked several questions about tying the adult caddis imitations that I use. I tied the Poly Caddis, but there was not time to tie the Devil Bug. This is a modification of the Tom Thumb fly of Canada. The modification comes in the […]

Caddis Pupa Husk

When mature, caddis larvae seal themselves in a pupal chamber and metamorphose into the pupa. The mature pupa is rightly called the “Pharate Adult.” It is the adult inside the pupal husk. There has been much discussion of the appearance of the Pharate Adult as it rises to the surface to hatch out. Some say […]

Caddis Egg Laying

Jed Hollan from the Little Red Fly Shop sent me an email on a phenomenon that he observed while fishing. He generously has allowed me to post it on my blog. Thanks Jed. Dr. Borger:  I am attaching a photo of an angler’s wading boot covered in eggs.  This occurred at Libby Shoal on the […]