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St. Mary’s Atlantic’s

The St. Mary’s river—a very big river by the way—drains Lake Superior into Lake Huron. It’s also a very good place to catch Atlantic salmon. Perhaps we should call them Landlocks, because they never get to the salt, but they certainly do get into a rather large body of water, and they can get big. […]

Atlantics in the Great lakes

            The Great Lakes do contain fishable populations of Atlantic Salmon. They are not widespread, like the Pacific salmon, but they are in the Lakes and can be caught. Last week, my friend, Dr. Garry Sack, travelled to the massive St. Mary’s River that connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron […]

Theo & Norway & Atlantic Salmon

Our friend, Theo Baekelaar, has sent along slides from his recent salmon fishing trip to Norway. This year, the Mandalselva River, where they were fishing, was low, and the fish had not moved into the holding areas in the numbers that are usually found this time of year. None-the-less, his group did find a few […]

Highland Atlantics

Theo’s saga in the Scottish Highland continues: The streams of the high country of Scotland offer the fly fisher some great angling for Atlantic Salmon. The government has bought up the commercial fishing rights, and the fish are recovering very well. There are several streams on the Inverpolly Estate that host wild salmon. Most of […]