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The Next Generation

I was greatly saddened by the death of my friend, Hans Aigner (see post below), but I received an email from Theo Bakelaar with photos of his young friend, who is 12 years old, and absolutely in love with fly fishing. He goes to Theo’s house several times a week for fly tying lessons, and […]

Opening the Season

Our friend from Holland, Theo Bakelaar, has started his spring season with a trout fishing excursion to a Dutch stream that harbors trout. His successful fly of the day was a black and chartreuse streamer. This is the original color of the Black Strip Leech—the contrast of the black and chartreuse colors makes the fly […]

Theo’s Pike

The northern pike is a great gamefish, and occupies many waters in both the U.S. and Europe, and they take the fly very well. Those who fish for northerns understand that big, as in BIG, flies are the most effective. After all, a fish that weighs over 20 pounds and has a mouth of needles […]

Holland’s Big Pike

Theo’s been at it again. The early spring in Europe has the fish moving actively, and the anglers just as active in pursuit of them. The canal’s in Holland contain many northern pike, and they are a great fish to pursue with the fly rod. This 43-inch fish took a big streamer and fought powerfully. […]

Time of the Carp

The Polar Vortex rotated down over the US this year, giving Europe a very mild winter and early spring. Theo Bakelaar recently wrote that the daytime temperatures in Holland are near 70F, and the carp are moving into shallow water, seeking the warmth. Of course, that means carp fishing time. Carp are powerful brutes, and […]

The Pike are Feasting

Holland is warm enough that Theo could fish for pike this past weekend. And fish he did. The big female pike that he caught took his monster fly with gusto. And as Theo was unhooking the hungry female, he noted that it had a big fish in its gullet! That’s either hungry or greedy!  

Winter Season Rainbow

Fishing is in—at least in places where the night temperatures are not dropping to -40! Theo Bakelaar sent a great photo of a big rainbow that he took in a large Holland lake. The fish were exhibiting pre-spawn jumping activity, and it took an orange fly with a bead head—check out the fish’s mouth. Those […]

Fall is Pike Time in Europe (and here)

Northern pike occupy many waters in Europe and are great sport fish. Theo Bakelaar sent along some photos of a recent pike fishing outing in the small back channels off the canals in Holland. The pike take huge flies, and the challenge is to make true monster imitations without much weight, so they can be […]


Opportunistic feed is when fish literally eat whatever the opportunity provides. This is often the situation during periods between hatches. Selective feeding occurs whenever there is a super-abundance of one food type—such as occurs during a hatch. Then there is Semi-Selectivity. This is a type of opportunistic feeding during which fish feed preferentially on organisms […]

Wing Shooting, The Jumping Nymph, and Feeling for the Fish in Holland

Fishing for cruising browns and rainbows in the near-shore shallows of lakes, like fishing for bones on the flats, is one of the most exciting of all fishing experiences. One sees the fish, one sees the take, and the fight is always fast and furious as the fish heads for deep water. It’s a time […]